Evaluation at FAO

Regional synthesis of past evaluations


The Programme Committee, at its 125th Session, expressly invited OED to submit to the FAO Regional Conferences in 2020 a synthesis of regional lessons learned and trends identified in OED evaluation for each region.

These regional syntheses covered all categories of evaluations that OED managed and completed between 2014 and 2019, and identified lessons and issues so as to enable more informed discussions at the Regional Conferences.

Main Report

  • LARC: Synthesis of FAO Evaluations 2014-2019 in Latin America and the Caribbean (LARC/20/INF/18)
  • NERC: Synthesis of Past Evaluations in the Near East and North Africa (NENA) region (NERC/20/INF/19)
  • ARC: Africa Region Synthesis of Evaluations 2014-2019 (ARC/20/11)
  • ERC: Synthesis of FAO Evaluations 2014-2019 in Europe and Central Asia Region (ERC/20/6)
  • APRC: Regional synthesis of lessons learned from, and trends identified in the country programme evaluations: in Asia and the Pacific 2014-2019 (APRC/20/INF/20)