Office of Evaluation (OED)


Evaluation of FAO’s cooperation with Colombia, 2008-2013
Since 2005, country evaluations have been part of the evaluation programme of FAO; they cover all FAO activities in the country, including national projects from all funding sources, national participation in regional projects, use made of normative outputs and the work and functioning of the FAO Representation. The Programme Committee (PC) at its October 2011 session requested the Office of Evaluation (OED) conduct evaluations of FAO’s cooperation in middle income countries. Armenia, Sri Lanka and Viet Nam were completed by mid-2013. In consideration of the widespread implementation of Country Programming Frameworks (CPF) in FAO, it was decided to carry out an additional evaluation of a middle income country in the Latin America and Caribbean region to allow for an in-depth analysis of the Organization’s achievements, strengths and weaknesses, with specific focus on the CPF process and usefulness as well as the priority areas identified within it. OED applies a set of socio-economic criteria relevant to FAO’s mandate, programme size and institutional arrangements to determine a short list of eligible countries for evaluation. The country in the region that best met the criteria above, as well as avoiding duplication with any past or on-going evaluations, was Colombia. A multidisciplinary team will carry out the evaluation in the period July 2013-March 2014. The final report is expected in May 2014.