Oficina de la evaluación (OED)


Independent Review of the IPA-Related Governance Reform
The Immediate Plan of Action for FAO Renewal (IPA) approved by FAO Conference in 2008, included approximately 100 actions aimed at reforming FAO governance mechanism. The IPA also foresaw that in 2015, “the Conference will assess the workings of the governance reforms, including the role and functioning of the Regional Conferences, with an independent review as an input to this process.” After extensive consultation with all parties concerned, coordinated by the Independent Chair of the Council, in December 2013 FAO Council endorsed the arrangements proposed for the conduct of an Independent Review of the IPA-related governance reforms. FAO Office of Evaluation was asked to manage and support the review. The main objective of the review will be to contribute to the assessment of the performance of FAO’s governance system, including the role and functioning of the Regional Conferences, through evidence-based identification and analysis of progress accomplished and of areas or aspects where further improvement is feasible. The review will be carried out by a team comprising independent consultants and OED staff throughout 2014: activities will include observation of sessions of key Governing Bodies throughout the year, desk review, one-to-one interviews, focus group discussions and questionnaires, which will be completed by December 2014 and presented to FAO Governing Bodies and finally to the Conference, in 2015.