Bureau de l'évaluation (OED)


Evaluation of FAO’s Regional and Sub Regional Offices for Asia and Pacific and for Latin America and the Caribbean
The Programme Committee at its session in March 2011, received the Evaluation of FAO’s Regional Office for the Near East. The Committee recommended that such evaluations should be conducted in other regions. Thus, FAO Office of Evaluation in 2012 carried out and completed a similar evaluation for Europe and Central Asia, and started the same exercise for Africa. The two other regions, Asia and Pacific and Latin America and the Caribbean, have started in early 2013, to be completed by early 2014. The Organization’s new impetus towards decentralization to better respond to Member Countries’ needs poses particular challenges to FAO’s current delivery model in the region and sub-regions. These evaluations aim at providing FAO Management and Member Countries with an evidence-based independent assessment of the progress made by the Organization in implementing the corporate decisions to decentralize its functions and roles to the region. They will focus on the relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, impact and sustainability of the decentralization process and will formulate recommendations to improve the corporate performance and function in the regions, as appropriate. The evaluations will include all work by FAO and all actions taken to implement the decentralization policy and process in the regions since 2004. The Evaluations are expected to be finalized by January 2014 and discussed by the Programme Committee at its session in May 2014.