Bureau de l'évaluation (OED)


Joint Evaluation of Food Security Cluster Coordination (FSCC) in Humanitarian Action
WFP and FAO jointly serve as Global Cluster Lead Agency for the Food Security Cluster. While some FSCC work existed at country level prior to the IASC decision to set up a Global Food Security Cluster at the end of 2010, more intensive support for this work has been ongoing since 2011 and, over the past three years, WFP and FAO have been investing increasing financial and human resources in FSC cluster coordination mechanisms both at country and global levels. Recently efforts have made to put in place a monitoring system for FSCC work – however to date no evaluation has sought to undertake a systematic, in-depth and independent assessment of the relevance and performance of food security coordination efforts and the role of the two agencies in supporting them. Toward this end, FAO and WFP’s EO will be undertaking a Joint Evaluation of Food Security Cluster Coordination during the last quarter of 2013 and first quarter 2014. Given the fact that FSC coordination work has only really been scaled up in the last years, a key objective of the evaluation is learning -> the evaluation results and recommendations will be focused on improving the effectiveness of the cluster work and will contribute to global FSC strategy development. The evaluation aims to generate credible evidence for results achieved or not achieved at country level by FSCs – and the role and contribution of the global FSC to these results. The evaluation will contribute the growing body of evaluative work on cluster coordination and to a wider assessment of the humanitarian reform process and implementation of the Transformative Agenda. Its main objective will be to assess, as systematically and objectively as possible, the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, connectedness, coverage and connectedness of Food Security Cluster Coordination efforts to date, at all levels. The evaluation report will be presented to the WFP Executive Board and the FAO Programme Committee during the 3rd quarter of 2014. For further details kindly visit: http://www.wfp.org/content/faowfp-joint-evaluation-food-security-cluster-coordination-humanitarian-action-terms-referen