Office of Evaluation (OED)


OED regularly search for qualified consultants in various fields to participate in FAO evaluations.

Country Programme Evaluation in a group of Members of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States, and Guyana

Since 2010, FAO’s work at country-level has progressively been prioritized and planned in the form of Country Programming Frameworks (CPFs) that cover a time-span from two to five years. In 2014, FAO Office of Evaluation (OED) has launched a renewed series of Country Programme Evaluations (CPEs), which focus on the assessment of the relevance of and results achieved through the implementation of the CPFs, as well as of other initiatives in the country, if any. These evaluations will emphasize the involvement of the national government and other partners, throughout the process and are timed so as to contribute most effectively, to the formulation phase of the new round of CPFs.
Closure date: 06 February 2015

How to respond to a call

1: Download  the FAO Personal History Form (PHF ) here

2: Email us at your PHF and a detailed CV, stating in the Subject the position you reply to.

3: Application Guidelines