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The Office of Evaluation is currently assessing the Food and Agriculture Organization’s (FAO) cooperation with Burkina Faso during the 2010-2014 timeframe. The evaluation was launched in 2014, with the main evaluation phase to be carried out from March to May 2015. During this period, the team will meet with stakeholders [...]
In 2011, the Programme Committee (PC) requested an evaluation of FAO’s Work on Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation. This evaluation will focus on assessing the results of FAO’s work at country-level in terms of improvements in national systems for climate change adaptation and mitigation, and in the livelihoods resilience of [...]
The Office of Evaluation (OED) recently launched an evaluation of FAO’s cooperation with Lao PDR in order to assess the contributions made by FAO to the country during 2009-2014. The evaluation, currently underway, will take place between October 2014-July 2015, with preparatory work including an inception mission in January, and [...]
The Evaluation of the FAO Somalia Resilience Programme will aim to assess FAO’s performance in resilience building in Somalia over the past two years (2013-2014). It will assess the extent to which the programme has contributed to building the resilience of Somali people taking into consideration the protracted crisis nature [...]
Since 2010 FAO’s country-level cooperation has progressively been prioritized and planned in the form of a Country Programming Framework (CPF). In the case of the Kyrgyz Republic, the CPF had initially covered the period 2012-15 but was recently updated (December 2014) upon Government’s request to reflect changes in priorities both [...]
In October 2011, FAO’s Programme Committee requested OED to carry out an evaluation of FAO’s work on genetic resources, in order to “assess the work on policies and capacity development with respect to the management of forest, plant, animal and aquatic genetic resources, as well as to the conservation and [...]
In October 2011, the 108th Session of the Programme Committee requested the conduct of an evaluation of FAO's role in the dissemination of knowledge on food, agriculture and natural resources in 2014. Since 2011, FAO has adopted an explicit integrated approach to the generation, management, sharing, communication and transfer of [...]
The Immediate Plan of Action for FAO Renewal (IPA) approved by FAO Conference in 2008, included approximately 100 actions aimed at reforming FAO governance mechanism. The IPA also foresaw that in 2015, “the Conference will assess the workings of the governance reforms, including the role and functioning of the Regional [...]
WFP and FAO jointly serve as Global Cluster Lead Agency for the Food Security Cluster. While some FSCC work existed at country level prior to the IASC decision to set up a Global Food Security Cluster at the end of 2010, more intensive support for this work has been ongoing [...]
Since 2005, country evaluations have been part of the evaluation programme of FAO; they cover all FAO activities in the country, including national projects from all funding sources, national participation in regional projects, use made of normative outputs and the work and functioning of the FAO Representation. The Programme Committee [...]
The Programme Committee at its session in March 2011, received the Evaluation of FAO’s Regional Office for the Near East. The Committee recommended that such evaluations should be conducted in other regions. Thus, FAO Office of Evaluation in 2012 carried out and completed a similar evaluation for Europe and Central [...]
In September 2012, prompted by both FAO management and resource partners, OED launched the evaluation of FAO’s interventions in Somalia since 2007. It will examine the relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, impact and connectedness of FAO’s interventions in Somalia, including in particular FAO’s role in coordinating food security responses and efforts on [...]


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