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评价 规范和标准

粮农组织在评价工作中努力遵循最高的国际标准。它遵循联合国评价小组 (UNEG) 制定的规范与标准。

这些规范与标准为联合国系统内各组织与各署提供 了衡量自身业绩表现的基准,使整个联合国系统内的评价工作得以加强、专业化和改善质量。

OED project evaluation manual for decentralized offices - Planning and conducting project evaluations under Budget Holder’s responsibility

This manual provides guidance on the planning, formulation and conduct of evaluations of FAO’s projects and programmes. It is intended for headquarters and decentralized offices staff who undertake their own evaluation processes with technical guidance and backstopping support from the Office of Evaluation, and for FAO project formulators, Budget Holders (BH) and Liaison Officers who need information related to project evaluation processes and principles.

Annexes (Templates)