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Evaluation at FAO


Evaluation of FAO’s programme in Myanmar (short version)

20 February 2018
Myanmar has been undergoing a rapid political transition and started the development path experienced by other countries in the region. [...more]

Evaluation of FAO’s contribution to Guatemala

18 May 2017
This video presents the main features of the evaluation of FAO’s contribution to Guatemala, conducted last year by the  Food [...more]

Evaluación de la contribución de la FAO a Guatemala

31 January 2017
Evaluación, Guatemala, FAO, pueblos indígenas, programa país, fortalecimiento institucional, asistencia técnica agrícola, abono orgánico, conservación de suelos, sistema milpa, ciclo [...more]

The Inter-agency Humanitarian Evaluations (IAHEs)

01 November 2016
This video presents some of the lessons learnt from the first three Inter-Agency Humanitarian Evaluations (IAHEs) of the response to [...more]

Evaluation of FAO and Climate Change

06 April 2016
The team leader of the Evaluation of FAO’s contribution to Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation (CCAM), Mr. Ashwin Bhouraskar, explains [...more]

International Technical Seminar on the evaluability of SDG2

16 February 2016
International Technical Seminar on enhancing the evaluability of Sustainable Development Goal 2 (SDG2).End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition [...more]

Gender analysis in evaluations of agriculture and food & nutrition security

10 February 2015
Gender Analysis in Evaluations of Agricultures and Food and Nutrition Security: Rome based agencies perspectives In this short video, the four [...more]