Evaluation at FAO


Evaluation of the El-Niño response in Zimbabwe: The farmers perspective

15 October 2020
To respond to the strongest El Niño events in 50 years crisis in Southern Africa, the Food and Agriculture Organization [...more]

Purposeful vs probabilty sampling in evaluation

28 February 2020
What’s the difference between purposeful and probability sampling in evaluation? And when should you use one or the other? We [...more]

Sampling in qualitative vs quantitative evaluations

28 February 2020
The use of sampling can improve the quality and efficiency of development evaluations, but what are the key elements to [...more]

Sampling strategies for hard to reach populations

28 February 2020
How do you sample hard to reach populations? Dr Bassirou Chitou, Senior Statistician, M&E Expert, international consultant and instructor at [...more]

Tips for maximizing response rates

28 February 2020
Dr Bassirou Chitou, Senior Statistician, M&E Expert, international consultant and instructor at the International Program for Development Evaluation training (IPDET) [...more]

Joint Evaluations 2019

31 December 2019
Joint evaluations are an effective way of assessing progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals. In November 2018, WFP, in collaboration [...more]

Interview to OED Director, Masahiro Igarashi at the 2019 Asian Evaluation Week

26 November 2019
In the context of the 2019 Asian Evaluation Week, Ms Saleha Waseem from the Independent Evaluation department of the Asian [...more]

How does Evaluation contribute to SDGs? Message from OED Director

07 March 2019
OED Director Mr Masahiro Igarashi responds to the question "How does Evaluation contribute to SDGs?" at the 2018 Evaluation week [...more]

Evaluation of the Emergency Prevention System (EMPRES) Programme in Food Chain Crises

22 March 2018
The FAO Office of Evaluation (OED) recently carried out an evaluation of FAO’s work on transboundary animal and plant pests [...more]

Evaluation of FAO’s contribution to Myanmar (extended)

22 February 2018
Myanmar has been undergoing a rapid political transition and started the development path experienced by other countries in the region. [...more]
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