A Lagarta do Funil do Milho

Farmer education and community action are critical in sound FAW management.  Field schools are a holistic farmer education approach promoted by FAO and many organizations worldwide as a platform for farmers to learn, experiment and exchange knowledge and experiences on a vast range of topics. FFS have enabled millions of producers to increase the social, environmental and financial sustainability of their agricultural and food systems.

In the field, FFS bring together groups of farmers, pastoralists or fishers to engage in hands-on learning, drawing on field experimentation and management approaches. Understanding complex agro-ecosystems and the interaction of different elements creates a basis for informed decision-making.

FFS support implementation of an integrated ecological and sustainable FAW management approach. To maximize outreach, FFS are being used in tandem with mass information campaigns, rural radio, participatory videos and short courses for farmers and rural advisors. These are combined with regional, sub-regional and national training of trainers events on FAW involving FFS trainers, extension and National Plant Protection officers.