Fall Armyworm

To strengthen coordination, FAO has facilitated the establishment of twelve technical working groups (TWG), which became functional during the second half of 2017. They are a further development of the work streams that were discussed during the stakeholder consultation meeting which took place in Nairobi in 2017. They bring together experts from relevant development partners to share, review, discuss, prioritize and develop joint work plans and proposals.

The TWGs directly and indirectly underpins components of the Global Action for Fall Armyworm Control by providing technical substance for partnerships on the sustainable management of Fall Armyworm.

The technical working groups are on (in alphabetical order):

1.     Agroecology

2.     Biological control

3.     Bio-pesticides

4.     Communication, awareness and knowledge management

5.     Farmer Field Schools, extension and plant clinics

6.     Host plant resistance

7.     Monitoring and early warning

8.     Risk and impact assessment

9.     Synthetic chemical pesticides

10.  Transgenic resistance

11.  Yield loss determination

12.  Quarantine and phytosanitary measures