Past events

from: 17 Sep 2014
to: 19 Sep 2014

Event type:

La Agroecologia y la Agricultura Familiar Compromiso con la Vida

IV Seminario Internacional de Agroecologia - VIII Simposio Nacional de Agroecologia - V Feria de Intercambio de Experiencias y Productos de la Agricultura Ecológica. Inscripción e Información:

Location: Santa Rosa de Cabal, Risaralda, Colombia


from: 16 Sep 2014
to: 18 Sep 2014

Official Event

Event type:

Mainstreaming Communication for Development in Policies and Programmes. Enabling social inclusion to support food and nutrition security, resilient livelihoods and family farming

XIII United Nations Inter-agency Round Table on Communication for Development

Location: FAO Headquarters, Rome, Italy


from: 15 Sep 2014
to: 20 Sep 2014

Event type:

11th Regional Assembly of the ICA Asia and Pacific

ICA Asia and Pacific announces its 11th Regional Assembly to be held in Bali, Indonesia from 15-20 September 2014 on the theme 'Co-operatives for Sustainable Development in Asia and Pacific.'

Location: Bali, Indonesia


from: 15 Sep 2014
to: 5 Dec 2014

Event type:

33rd AVRDC International Vegetable Training Course

The World Vegetable Center aims to enhance technical, scientific and managerial skills of the participants to be able to contribute to the sustainable development of their countries through the increased production and consumption of nutritious and health-promoting vegetables. The training emphasizes advanced and sustainable vegetable production and postharvest technologies, farmer education, human health and nutrition, and marketing. In addition, this training will enhance awareness and understanding of emerging global development issues and technologies.

Location: AVRDC - The World Vegetable Center East and Southeast Asia, Bangkok, Thailand


from: 4 Sep 2014
to: 7 Sep 2014

Event type:

Sommet international des Jeunes agriculteurs, finale mondiale de labour

Sommet international des Jeunes agriculteurs, finale mondiale de labour: Jeunes agriculteurs réunit des agriculteurs du monde entier pour « la plus grande fête agricole de plein air d’Europe»

Location: Saint-Jean-d’Illac, près de Bordeaux, France


from: 2 Sep 2014
to: 4 Sep 2014

Event type:

International Conference of the APIRAS & the Fifth Congress of Extension and Education in Agriculture and Natural Resources Management

First International Conference of the Asia-Pacific Islands Rural Advisory Services Network (APIRAS) & the Fifth Congress of Extension and Education in Agriculture and Natural Resources Management

Location: University of Zanjan, University Blvd., Zanjan, Iran


from: 30 Aug 2014
to: 30 Aug 2014

Event type:

Celebrating Family Farming – Focus: Shiitake Mushrooms & Organics

Meet farmers, learn about local food and family farming, experience cooking demonstrations and more

Location: Port Rowan Community Hall, 12 Church Street, Port Rowan, ON N0E 1M0


from: 29 Aug 2014
to: 8 Sep 2014

Event type:

World Plowing Contest

Organized by Jeunes Agriculteurs (JA).

Location: Bordeaux, France


from: 28 Aug 2014
to: 28 Aug 2014

Event type:

FAO and the Executive Secretariat of the Central American Agricultural Council organized a forum to discuss public policies that encourage family farming

This event aims to provide a special venue for training, dialogue and reflection on the role of public sector in creating favorable conditions for the integration of family farming in agrifood chains through appropriate public policies. It is also expected to stimulate the search for solutions and the formulation of specific proposals for this area.

Location: Hotel TRYP Albrook Mall (Salón Miraflores), Panama City. Panama


from: 21 Aug 2014
to: 24 Aug 2014

Event type:

Encuentro de Productores Ecológicos y Sabidurias Populares

ECOVIDA es el Encuentro de productores Ecológicos y sabidurías populares que nace desde hace más de 14 años en la ciudad de Manizales-Caldas, impulsado por el Jardín Botánico de la Universidad de Caldas en la búsqueda de generar espacios de encuentro para el rescate del saber ancestral, campesino y étnico en torno a la agroecología y las agriculturas alternativas al modelo imperante.

Location: Jardin Botánico Universidad De Caldas, Manizales-Caldas

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