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desde:21 Jun 2014
hasta:21 Jun 2014

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"Piccola agricoltura sfide globali"

Evento promosso nell'ambito della campagna nazionale Orti in Festa 2014

Lugar: Pontecagnano, Italia


desde:16 Jun 2014
hasta:18 Jun 2014

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Agrifuture Days 2014 conference - “ICTs enabling Family Farming”

The following 3 key issues in areas where the application and the use of ICTs make a difference for family farming will be focused in the conference program. 1. Informing farmers and family farming communities 2. Improving family farm’s production, productivity and marketing efficiencies 3. Enabling greater resilience in family farming. The Club of Ossiach, as AgriFuture Days organizer, invites speakers from private, public, commercial, community and research sectors to send us their proposals for participation and presentations.

Lugar: Villach, Austria


desde:15 Jun 2014
hasta:15 Jun 2014

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International Year of Family Farming, developed by Agri Aware and Dublin Zoo

Celebrations to mark the International Year of Family Farming, at Family Farm, developed by Agri Aware and Dublin Zoo. Guests will be given tours of the farmyard, a demonstration of butter churning and a nutritional talk. They can also watch Bella the Family Farm dairy cow being milked and sample quality Irish produce.

Lugar: Family Farm, Dublin Zoo, Phoenix Park, Dublin 8, Ireland


desde:12 Jun 2014
hasta:14 Jun 2014

Tipo de evento:

The Village of Innovations

Association of Humanitarian Action Service (ASAH)

Lugar: Paris, France


desde:9 Jun 2014
hasta:27 Jun 2014

Evento official

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Family Farming Expo- Farmers' market

Over the next three weeks FAO is hosting a small family farmers' market in the atrium. Products for sale include pulses, cereals, honey, biscuits, jams, olive oil, pickled fish, vegetable pâtés, dried fruits and many more. The families and co-operatives involved come from all over Italy. The market is open from Monday to Friday, 9-17:00.

Lugar: FAO Headquarters, Rome, Italy


desde:6 Jun 2014
hasta:6 Jun 2014

Evento official

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Se lanza en Mendoza el Año Internacional de la Agricultura Familiar

La Subsecretaría de Agricultura Familiar del Ministerio de Agricultura, Ganadería y Pesca de la Nación, el Gobierno de Mendoza, la Federación de Organizaciones Nucleadas de la Agricultura Familiar (FONAF), la Unión de Trabajadores sin Tierra de Mendoza, perteneciente al Movimiento Nacional Campesino Indígena (MNCI) y otras organizaciones del sector lanzan el Año Internacional de la Agricultura Familiar (AIAF).

Lugar: Nave Cultural, Av. España y J.A. Maza, Mendoza, Argentina


desde:5 Jun 2014
hasta:5 Jun 2014

Tipo de evento:

Year of the Family Farm Conference - Family Farming in Ireland: Continuity & Change

As part of the FAO Year of the Family Farm Teagasc are hosting a one day conference exploring the theme of Family Farming in Ireland: Continuity and Change. The conference will be addressed by leading historians, geographers, sociologists and economists including Prof Gerry Boyle (Teagasc), Prof Mary Daly (UCD), Prof Willie Smyth (UCC) and Prof Sally Shorthall (QUB). Agriculture policy in both the EU and Ireland has evolved significantly over the past decade resulting in new opportunities and challenges for family farms. This conference seeks to place these developments in an appropriate historical, economic, geographical and sociological context by way of considering the potential impacts of current and future developments on family farms.

Lugar: Airfield, Dundrum, Dublin 14, Ireland


desde:5 Jun 2014
hasta:5 Jun 2014

Tipo de evento:

Celebrating Family Farming – Focus: Asparagus

Meet farmers, learn about local food and family farming, experience cooking demonstrations and more. This event will feature Spearit Farms.

Lugar: Norfolk County Public Library – Delhi Branch, 192 Main Street


desde:1 Jun 2014
hasta:3 Jun 2014

Evento official

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International Encounters - "Family Farming and Research"

As part of the International Year of Family Farming (IYFF) declared by the United Nations for 2014, the research institutions of Montpellier’s hub (Agropolis International) have taken the initiative to organize International Encounters on “Family Farming and Research”. This event is co-organized with the CGIAR Consortium, the Global Forum on Agriculture Research (GFAR) and the World Rural Forum (WRF) and supported by the French Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry, the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and various national and international organizations. It will feed the agenda of IYFF, help prepare the third Global Conference on Agricultural Research for Development (GCARD3) -the GCARD1 having been organized by Agropolis International and GFAR in Montpellier in 2010- and contribute with ideas and recommendations to the UN Conference on Climate Change (COP21) to be held in Paris in 2015.

Lugar: Montpellier, Le Corum


desde:29 May 2014
hasta:30 May 2014

Tipo de evento:

International Congress on Family Farming

Conference organized by the University of Almería.

Lugar: Almería, Spain

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