The International Year of Family Farming was celebrated by NIRMAN along with Kutia Kondh community at Guma G.P. office in Tumudibandh block in Kandhamal district of Odisha with a renew a pledge to work on family farming. More than 78 farmers had joined in this. This celebration was part of[...]
Country: India
Type: Lien
Le secteur agricole est le premier employeur au niveau mondial et les actifs familiaux forment l'essentiel de cette force de travail. L'agriculture familiale produit plus de 70 % de la production alimentaire et gère une proportion considérable des ressources naturelles. Ce modèle d'agriculture caractérisé par sa diversité et sa résilience,[...]
Country: France
Reducing poverty through improved agricultural methods in the rural areas will not happen if the government does not come up with good supportive policies for farmers. Alhaji M. Jallow, the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Country Representative in Uganda recently cautioned small-scale farmers saying depending on subsistence farming as a[...]
Country: Uganda
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