Amplifying the voice of rural communities in the International Year of Family Farming

In the framework of the 2014 International Year of Family Farming (IYFF), FAO and the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters (AMARC) have joined forces to launch an awareness campaign on the contribution of family farming to food security and rural development.  The Campaign aims to inform rural people about the IYFF and to make their voices heard on family farming issues through community media.  Both FAO and AMARC wish to actively engage family farmers in a year that celebrates and recognizes them.


The campaign, which began in January 2014, has recently shifted to a regional focus.  During the initial phase four audio programs, were produced including statements collected during the 2013 FAO Regional Dialogues on family farming. These programs focus on the contribution of family farmers to hunger eradication, as well as the role of community media as drivers of social change.  Community radio broadcasters can now access them in English, French and Spanish through the Family Farming section of the FAO-AMARC regional platforms ComDev Asia, Onda Rural and YenKasa Africa.  All programs can also be found on AMARC’s main website and in the audio and video section of the IYFF website.   


FAO and AMARC wish to further the family farming campaign at regional level by encouraging community radios to get involved by sharing their own radio series and voice their present needs and future aspirations with regards to family farming in their regions. They are invited to submit their productions via, indicating the following addresses as recipient emails: as well as The programs will then to be made widely available through the above-mentioned platforms.

To date, the radio series has attracted the active participation of community radio stations from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Cambodia, Tunisia and Colombia, among others, having reached approximately 10 million listeners.  Radios here have broadcast all four audio programs and have subsequently hosted related round tables and open mic sessions. The programs will continue to be broadcast through AMARC’s extensive community radio network, ensuring that farmers in all regions have great platforms to propel their voices far and wide.  

Until the end of 2014 the FAO and AMARC awareness campaign will encourage community radios to amplify the voice of rural communities in each region and to raise awareness about the role that family farmers play in feeding the world and caring for the Earth.

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