Repositioning family farming at the centre of agricultural, environmental and social policies in national agendas is a top priority at the UN's FAO. That has been the focus of the International Year 2014. So just what are the challenges faced by smallholders and what are the rewards? This is an insight into their lives and work from four countries and four continents.
Published on 16/10/2014

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The forgotten role of forest producers as small scale farmers
Mr Jeffrey Campbell is the Manager of FAO’s Forest and Farm Facility. In the following interview he explains the critical role forest producers, the issues they face, and the implications of not prioritizing their needs. (Interview conducted by Sandra Ferrari)
Published on 25/11/2013
IYFF Special Ambassador - Mr. Gerd Sonnleitner, President of the European Farmers Association
Mr. Gerd Sonnleitner, President of the European Farmers Association, has been nominated by FAO Director General as a Special Ambassador for the International Year of Family Farming 2014. He has been entrusted, along with his fellow Ambassadors of IYFF 2014 Mr. Ibrahim Coulibaly and Mirna Cunningham, with the mandate of raising the profile of family farming by focusing world attention on its significant role in the fight against hunger and poverty and for agricultural development.
Published on 22/11/2013

UN declares 2014 the International Year of Family Farming
The UN General Assembly declared 2014 the International Year of Family Farming today in New York City, as part of a global campaign to reinforce awareness and support for family farmers. This move to focus on family farmers for the international year was driven by strong advocacy from civil society, mainly the World Rural Forum which played a fundamental role. Family farming is a priority for FAO, which sees the contributions of these important agricultural producers as critical to the fight against hunger and malnutrition. Small farmers serve as pillars for the world’s agricultural production system, yet their contributions and needs fail to get the recognition and support that they need. This international years begs the questions: What are the issues affecting small scale and family farmers and what are the implications of not addressing these issues?
Published on 22/11/2013
Launch of the International Year of Family Farming 2014
Families share everything. They share their living space and their mealtimes. They share their aspirations, dreams, successes and failures. Throughout the developed and developing world, farming families reap the benefits of sharing the workload too.
Published on 22/11/2013

Seguridad alimentaria y agricultura familiar en México, Costa Rica y Brazil
Ministros y representantes de alto nivel siguen participando en discusiones, reuniones y eventos paralelos del 40ª periodo de sesiones del Comité de seguridad alimentaria mundial, que tiene lugar esta semana (7-11 de octubre) en la sede central de la FAO. A pesar de sus apretados programas, algunos ministros y delegados nos informaron del estado actual de la seguridad alimentaria en sus países respectivos.
Published on 09/10/2013
Ano Internacional da Agricultura Familiar: mensagem do Diretor-Geral da FAO José Graziano da Silva
O Ano Internacional da Agricultura Familiar que será celebrado em 2014 oferece uma oportunidade de ouro para mostrar ao mundo como esse setor contribui e pode contribuir ainda mais para a segurança alimentar, para a adoção de dietas nutritivas e saudáveis e para a sustentabilidade.
Published on 27/09/2013

Año Internacional de la Agricultura Familiar: Entrevista con el Foro Rural Mundial
Laura Lorenzo, del Foro Rural Mundial, comparte sus puntos de vista sobre el Año Internacional de la Agricultura Familiar (2014). La entrevista se produjo durante la sesión 38 de la Conferencia de la FAO, en junio de 2013.
Published on 02/07/2013

39th Session of the Committee on World Food Security
Mani Jorge Stanley, Representante de la Sociedad Civil para los pueblos indígenas, Panamá (Spanish) Margarita Salinas, Asesora de la Confederación Nacional de trabajadores de la agricultura familiar, Brasil (Spanish)
Published on 22/10/2012
Sembrar la Vida: Canciones homenajean a los pequeños agricultores de América Latina
La FAO lanzó al público el CD Sembrar la Vida, que reúne 12 canciones provenientes de nueve países de América Latina y el Caribe interpretadas por el cantautor nicaragüense Luis Enrique Mejía Godoy. En entrevista, Fernando Soto Baquero, Jefe de la Subdirección de Asistencia para las Políticas de la Oficina Regional de la FAO para América Latina y el Caribe, explica que el CD es un homenaje a los pequeños productores de la región. Según Soto Baquero, Sembrar la Vida busca sensibilizar a la población sobre la importancia de la agricultura familiar para garantizar la seguridad alimentaría y nutricional.
Published on 01/06/2011
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