In recognition of the important role played by the shrimp farming industry to the Thai economy, DOF and FAO conducted a joint workshop to provide stakeholders with a detailed overview of the benefits of, and requirements for, a successful establishment of a mutual insurance scheme that responds to the needs[...]
Continued population growth, urbanization and rising incomes are likely to continue to put pressure on food demand. International prices for most agricultural commodities are set to remain at 2010 levels or higher, at least for the next decade (OECD-FAO, 2010).  
The Southern Caucasus region was paramount in the evolution and differentiation of various domesticated plant and animal species; moreover, the region saw the beginnings of farmers’ and pastoralists’ settlements in the early stages of agriculture. Throughout the ages, the region was home to many populations who learned how to make[...]
This volume provides a global review of experiences and learning on the broad subject of value chain finance for agriculture in developing countries. Value chains in agriculture comprise a set of actors who conduct a linked sequence of value-adding activities involved in bringing a product from its raw material stage[...]
This paper presents an overview of current opportunities and challenges facing efforts to increase the impact of rural and agricultural extension. The starting point for this analysis is in recognition that the days when agricultural extension was synonymous with the work of public sector agencies are over. The ‘extension services’[...]
This Working Document provides practical guidelines for upgrading agricultural retail markets in rural areas and analyses the strategic potential of upgrading as an important component of rural development. This document presents methodological steps for the design and implementation of appropriate programmes, rather than a single model to replicate. The objective[...]
Today, the spectre of hunger has returned to many developing countries. The number of undernourished people has risen above one billion, or one sixth of humanity. The international community faces other daunting challenges, including the global economic downturn, plummeting levels of trade and investment, growing scarcity of natural resources, and[...]
There is a pressing need to liberate smallholder farmers in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) from the back-breaking yoke of hand-hoe cultivation. Currently about 65 percent of the agricultural land in SSA is worked with hand labour and the hoe is the principal tool used, while in southern Asia this rate is[...]
This examines the role of agricultural mechanization in the agricultural and economic development of sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). The paper argues that the time is ripe to reconsider the potential of mechanization and the priority that needs to be given to it by African governments and developmental agencies. If efforts to[...]
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