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Plateforme de connaissances sur l'agriculture familiale


Family farming lex

Cabinet Resolution No.31 of 2018 on Community Agriculture.

Recommended crops are those that (i) have environmental return; (ii) withstand the climatic conditions of the country and need little irrigation; (iii) resistant to pests and diseases; (iv) are not invasive alien species; (v) increase food security; and (vi) aim to conserve the environment in a...


How salt-loving grasses can help tackle salinity and boost forage production in UAE

Soil and water salinity are a big problem in many parts of the UAE due to intensive desalination, including in agriculture, and seawater intrusion into aquifers. So much so that some farmers prefer to abandon their salt-degraded lands as traditional crops fail. The problem poses challenges to national efforts to enhance food...


International Center for Biosaline Agriculture

Research center
The International Center for Biosaline Agriculture (ICBA) is an international, non-profit agricultural research center. It works towards achieving food, nutrition and water security in saline and marginal environments around the world by improving sustainable agricultural production. ICBA is one of only a few international research organizations in the world that...
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