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Family farming lex

Decree amending the Decree No 3 of 17 February 2015 on the conditions and procedure for the implementation of direct payment schemes.

Changes are related to the schemes from article 18; article 19, paragraph 5 is repealed; right to support for dairy cows also in relation to the Regulation (EU) 2016/1012 (article 19); definitions from articles 20 and 21; support to farmers ( and goat farming, article 23);...


Baba Residence, an initiative to attract young people in depopulated villages in Bulgaria

Baba Residence (baba – grandmother in Bulgarian) is an initiative bringing together urban youth and elderly people in low-density and remote villages in Bulgaria. Participants spend one month living and learning in a mountain village, with the purpose to create a meeting point between the entrepreneurial spirit of young people...


Foundation for Organic Agriculture BIOSELENA

Non-governmental organization
Foundation for Organic Agriculture BIOSELENA is Bulgarian non-government organization. The Foundation was established in 1997 by the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture FIBL – Switzerland. The main task of Bioselena is developing and supporting the sustainable and organic agriculture, biodiversity preservation and environment protection. Our mission is to support the development of...