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Plateforme de connaissances sur l'agriculture familiale


Family farming lex

Arrêté n°055/CAB/PM du 03 juillet 2019 portant création, organisation et fonctionnement du Projet Lac Monoun.

Le présent arrêté crée le Projet Lac Monoun et fixe son organisation et son fonctionnement. Le Projet a pour principale mission d'exécuter toute activité visant à sécuriser le site du Lac Monoun, notamment à travers l’élimination de tout risque d'explosion de gaz et la promotion de...


Afforestation of savannah with cocoa agroforestry systems: a small-farmer innovation in central Cameroon

Cocoa cultivation is generally considered to foster deforestation. Contrary to this view, in the forest–savannah interface area in Cameroon, farmers have planted cocoa agroforestry systems on Imperata cylindrica grasslands, a soil-climate zone generally considered unsuitable for cocoa cultivation. We undertook a survey to understand the agricultural and ecological bases of this innovation....


International Center for Environmental Education & Community Development

Civil society
ICENECDEV (International Center for Environmental Education & Community Development) was established in 2005, with registration number: 43/G.37/D.14/1/ VOL.BAPP/ in accordance of law Number. 90/53 of December 1990 under article 7 relating to the formation, governing and functioning of association in Cameroon. ICENECDEV is...