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Family farming lex

Medium-term National Development Policy Framework, Agenda for Jobs: Creating Prosperity and Equal Opportunity for All 2018 - 2021.

To increase the resilience of livelihoods to disasters, main actions are directed to (i) reduce greenhouse gases (focusing on energy, agriculture, forestry and waste sectors); (ii) develop climate-resilient crop cultivars and animal breeds; (iii) promote and document improved, climate-smart, indigenous agricultural knowledge; (iv) promote mangrove...


Thriving in diversity: smallholders organising for climate resilience

With their ability to mobilise 1.5 billion smallholder producers, forest and farm producer organisations (FFPOs) can help drive a paradigm shift away from large-scale monocultural systems, which are vulnerable to climate change and highly inequitable. FFPO businesses embody greater diversity and equity, pursuing market opportunities for a diverse basket of...


Groundswell International

Non-governmental organization
Groundswell International in West Africa is a network of national NGOs engaged in field work to scale out agroecology to small scale family farmers, and to advocate for changes in policy to create a favorable policy environment for a transition to agroecology. The founders of Groundswell International have worked for decades...