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Protocol between the the Norwegian Ministry of Climate and Environment and the Finnish Land and Forestry Ministry to the Agreement between Finland and Norway relative to fishing in the Tana river fishing area regarding exemption from the Agreement's Appendix 2 Fisheries Rules for the Tana Watercourse.

This Protocol to the Agreement on fishing in the Tana river area of 2017 is made by the competent authorities of each country under Article 6 of the Agreement. The provisions of the Protocol shall apply as a regulation in Finland. The Protocol gives form to...


Norway: Then and Now—Women in Norway’s Fisheries

Twenty-five years after the introduction of the quota system, significant challenges confront women in Norway’s fisheries. Norway is considered to be one of the largest fishery nations in Europe. Despite this, there are few professional women fishers in the country. According to statistical data released in 2017 by the Norwegian Directorate...


Norwegian Transhumance and Pastoralism Association

Civil society
An NGO organisation for active mountain farmers and others involved in Norwegian mountain farm culture • 500 members • 100 of these produce dairy products for sale • Established in 1999