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Plateforme de connaissances sur l'agriculture familiale


Family farming lex

DENR Administrative Order No. 2019-05 implementing Rules and Regulations of Republic Act No. 7586, or the National Integrated Protected Areas System (NIPAS) Act of 1992, as Amended by Republic Act No. 11038, or the Expanded National Integrated Protected Areas System (ENIPAS) Act of 2018.

The following categories of protected areas are established: a) Strict nature reserve; b) Natural park; c) Natural monument; d) Wildlife sanctuary; e) Protected landscapes and seascapes; f) Resource reserve; g) Natural biotic areas; and, h) Other categories established by law, conventions or international agreements which the...


Climate Smart Farmers’ Field School as Extension Modality for Climate Change Adaptation in Rice Farming: Bicol, Philippines – A Success Story

The Climate Smart Farmers Field School (CFS) enhanced the capacities of 629 farmers in Climate Change adaptation skills in rice production in 14 farming barangays in 3 municipalities in BICOL Philippines by increasing their knowledge and skills on climate change adaptation strategies, demonstrating hands-on climate risk resilient agricultural technologies and setting up of small...


Pambansang Kilusan ng mga Samahang Magsasaka

PAKISAMA is a 31-year-old national movement and confederation of small farmer, fisher, indigenous people, rural women and youth organizations dedicated to building empowered, prosperous, and caring family farmers and resilient rural communities by ensuring their asset ownership and control, productivity and resiliency, product values addition and enhanced market power and...