Family Farming Knowledge Platform

Conseil ouest et centre africain pour la recherche et le développement agricoles CORAF/WECARD

Type of Organization: Research center
Areas of work: Social protection and rural development, Small family farmers
Region: Africa
Country: Senegal
CORAF/WECARD was created in 1987 to “improve the efficiency and effectiveness of small-scale producers and to promote the agribusiness sector.” It has 21 member states in West and Central Africa: eight in the Sahel, eight in coastal countries and five in Central Africa. It focuses on developing new technologies and innovations to benefit farmers in the region and on collecting and dispensing agricultural data. It also strengthens and coordinates the existing regional agricultural systems, as well as giving policy options to its member states that can encourage agricultural growth. CORAF/WECARD is one of the main implementers of the CAADP goal of 6 percent agricultural growth in its signatory African states by 2015.