Family Farming Knowledge Platform

Committee of Professional Agricultural Organisations and General Committee for Agricultural Cooperation in the European Union COPA&COGECA

Type of Organization: Cooperative
Areas of work: Agricultural and rural legislation, Agroecology, Farming typologies, Food chains, Social protection and rural development
Region: Brussells
Country: Belgium
COPA is made up of 60 organisations from EU-27 and 36 partner organisations from other European countries such as Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Turkey. It has 50 Working Parties, dealing either with specific, production-related topics (e.g. cereals, beef meat) or with general questions (e.g. environment, rural development). Most of these Working Parties are constituted jointly with COGECA, but both COPA and COGECA also have separate Working Parties of their own. COGECA currently has 35 full members from the EU Member States, four affiliated members and 36 partner organisations, which include representatives of countries like Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Turkey. COGECA is member of Cooperatives Europe, the European region of ICA (International Cooperative Alliance)