Family Farming Knowledge Platform

Economic & Social Development Center of Palestine ESDC

Type of Organization: Non-governmental organization
Areas of work: Food and nutrition, Natural resources, Rural women
Region: Near East
Country: Gaza Strip
ESDC is a Palestinian development-oriented NGO with vast experiences in the both development and humanitarian cooperation. Within the development cooperation, ESDC is a well-recognized at the national level for their work in developing and building the capacities of cooperatives and the cooperative sector. Not only does ESDC build the institutional capacities of cooperatives, CBOs and working groups, but also develops their capacities in natural resources management, agriculture and food security, and social economy. Institutional capacity of the cooperatives, CBOs and working groups is built and sustained throu gh: updating strategic and business plans to coincide with their business, adapting proper production systems and developing their marketing capacities. Prioritized cross sector issues are gender equality, sustainable development and democracy including women building capacities as women-based organization and individuals. ESDC greatly emphasizes the importance of community ownership and participation within its interventions. Further, within the humanitarian cooperation, ESDC works with farmers to restore their agricultural activities, and to mitigate the negative impact of Israeli occupation and unfavorable natural crises on socio-economic conditions and food security. ESDC also has considerable previous experiences within agricultural humanitarian assistance, and backyard agro-production interventions in both West Bank and Gaza Strip. Further, ESDC provides Emergency Humanitarian Responses efficiently and effectively to the affected farmers. ESDC’s exceptional cadre of agronomists and capacity building specialist in the field to provide the technical support needed by the target group with a comprehensives approach working along the value chain from the producer and linking them to the market.