Family Farming Knowledge Platform

The Assosiation For Urban Farming LTD CC

Type of Organization: Non-governmental organization
Areas of work: Agricultural and rural legislation, Education, Rural women, Social protection and rural development, Small family farmers
Region: Tel Aviv
Country: Israel
A non-profit NGO based in Tel Aviv, working to build urban farming into a tool for every person, space, and city. Through urban farming, we can bring healthy food from 200 meters away instead of 2000 kilometers away. By farming in the city, food becomes affordable for everyone, regardless of socioeconomic status. With education, we bring purpose, innovation, and social connection back into people’s lives. For thousands of years, we were a species who found love and life around what we grow ourselves. Education: We believe that education is the root of everything. Whether we love or hate, build community or destroy it, is due to education. Many people don’t have the confidence and knowledge to grow food for themselves, and question if urban farming can work. That’s why we have our projects like the Greenhouse on Rothschild Blvd. The more people know about and want urban farming, from the politicians to the citizens, workers and refugees, the more urban farming can become a reality. - Community building: We believe in the power of strong and stable community to lift people up and make Tel Aviv feel like home. Unfortunately, there are many divides in the city, between the rich and poor, citizens and refugees, those who speak Hebrew and those who do not. Food can bridge all these differences. Through teaching communities in Tel Aviv about urban farming, we bring people with different backgrounds together to grow food for each other. In shared rooftop gardens, we grow healthy food and a healthy city, because we believe that good food infrastructure is the same as good community infrastructure. Our goal is to have self sufficiency, giving training sessions and providing tools and support so that all gardens are entirely run by the people, for the people. After all, the city belongs to everyone. Want to grow your community? Contact us and sign up for our free community development course. - Policy promotion: Urban farming is the future, but our laws are still in the past. We work to promote urban farming through legislation and policy changes with local authorities, municipalities, and government ministries. The civil infrastructure for the future can only be built through communication with public employees and decision-makers, providing a strategic plan for urban farming integration into the Tel Aviv. Dreams become reality when the law is built for our needs.