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Family Farming Knowledge Platform

Twende Kazi Limited TK

Type of Organization: Farmers' organization
Areas of work: Agricultural and rural legislation
Region: Africa
Country: Uganda
Twende Kazi Youth Project Uganda is a non-profit organization that is mobilizing youth throughout Uganda to practice profitable farming. Our mission is: To identify, mobilize and empower the youths of our catchment areas with ways in which there are able to effectively participate in Twende Kazi and their country’s agenda developmental programs that lead to self-sustainability. In the framework of Twende Kazi, youths are identified, mobilized and trained from our farming demonstration centers, to access knowledge, skills and competencies in being independent for sustainable development. Our motive is to make sure that youths are sent back from urban areas with farming enough land to their respective communities to initiate their own income generating projects where they can be able to earn a livelihood more especially using our Agriculture technics of farming. Twende Kazi therefore avails the youth with a robust platform that connects them to the available opportunities existing in agricultural sector. It also encourages the youths to share their experiences, ideas and local innovations to inspire other youths both locally and internationally. In our effort to actualize our mission, we do coordinate he following activities in our local communities. a) we identify and mobilize unemployed youth to participate in agricultural general awareness and initiative formation. b) we help youths to access youth of Twende kazi partner educational institutions with internship training positions. c) we join hands with our communities to reduce hunger in our catchment areas through massive awareness and supportive information about good practices of high yields farming.Also at the family level,we teach youth on how to conserve food for future usage(during the time of need). d) we train youths at our community based agricultural demonstrations centers about good practices of high yields farming. e) we try as much as possible to identify and network with other organizations for the purposes of making our youth meet other youths from different ethnic backgrounds for the purposes of exchanging knowledge and skills which can expose and put their potentials to work.