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Family Farming Knowledge Platform

Coordinadora de Organizaciones de Agricultores y Ganaderos COAG

Type of Organization: Farmers' organization
Areas of work: Farming typologies
Region: Madrid
Country: Spain
COAG, as the main representative entity of the farming sector in Spain, is constituted as a profesional farmers organisation at the state level with legal status, which main target is the representation of farmers’ interests, for that purpose COAG uses all its resources and available instruments, including mainly the technical-scientific qualification of their staff and the management capacity of the continuous training, that are a priority in the organization activity. COAG is a non-profit-making organistion, so all its activities are aimed to defend the farmer’s interests. COAG is a state-level entity incorporating professional organizations or farmers unions, livestock farmers as or foresters, owners of small and medium farms or agricultural businesses. Currently COAG, as Coordinator of Professional Agricultural Organisations statewide consists of 19 unions representing all Spanish regions, reflecting the demands and needs of the farmers and ranchers collective it represents. COAG is the leading force in agriculture in Spain, representing 36.88% of the total agricultural sector and it was established as the main agricultural professional organization (OPA) in defending the farmers and livestock farmers interests at state level. Its membership is more than 150,000 farmers and livestock farmers. COAG is an appropriate organization to serve as a link between their members and the scientist and research world. The territorial implantation in all production areas of Spain, its ability to direct and proximity to farmers as well as the qualifications of their staff make this organization a leading institution in the field of service to agricultural professionals.