Family Farming Knowledge Platform

Farmers Trend Africa LTD

Type of Organization: Farmers' organization
Areas of work: Small family farmers
Region: Africa
Country: Uganda
Farmers Trend Africa Ltd originaly was founded a team of agriculturarist, extension experts and business people. The firm was fully incorporated in the early months of 2018 with its offices at Posta Office Building Kampala. we provide agricultural consultancy services and platform for farmers to get information and advice on farming skills as well as innovative ideas on food sustainability. The Firm has many sources which guide the farmers on the farming skills related to various forms of agriculture. since inception we recognised that the role of partnerships and collaborations in development efforts is critical for attainment of organisational goals and the ultimate vision of transforming livelihoods of farmers, sustainable agriculture and job creation. We collaborate with different partners across Africa which include Oxfamorganic ltd(Kenya), Farmers trend organization (Kenya), Techfarm(Kenya), Farms expose (Kenya) and ME Conferences, and Other Local and International our our services ØAgricultureconsultancy ØAgriculture Extension(Farmers’capacity building & training) ØAgricultural Research ØAgriculture-technology services, ØAgriculture-tourism ØAgriculture Publications such as magazines. ØAgriculture conferencesandexpos. Our Team We have a team of agricultural experts with handson and partners across the region which govern our core values, internal business practices, partnerships, and guide our innovations to provide essential, practical solutions for our clients. Our Drive As farmers Trend Africa we have thedesire and need to bridge the gap &believe that by bridging the agriculture information gap, we will guide small scale and medium farmers and Stakeholders wherefarmers will get better yields, hence profit and create better farming and harvesting practices. Our aim We also aim at informing existing farmers, and inspiring youth and women to engage in agriculture and see agriculture as the employer and this will bring a significant contribution to the nation, reduce unemployment rate, poverty and hunger as well as advancement of knowledge in our nations’ farming and agricultural sector.