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Family Farming Knowledge Platform

St. Jude Family Projects St. Jude

Type of Organization: Non-governmental organization
Areas of work: Agricultural and rural legislation
Region: Africa
Country: Uganda
St. Jude Family Projects is an NGO registered under the Ministry of Internal Affairs, training farmers and Farmers Organizations in the areas of climate change resilience, water harvesting and irrigation, and value addition, among others. St. Jude plays its part in working towards making rural areas a better place to live in, a place that young people want to remain in, instead of migrating to urban areas. More specifically related to our purpose, we want to see healthy people eating diverse and healthy food with reliable income. St. Jude works with communities by building on and strengthening existing resources, whether they are tangible ones, like natural resources or intangible ones, such as indigenous knowledge. The aim of the organization is to nurture a culture in which farmers are continually learning from each other for sustainable livelihood. St. Jude believes strongly that the environment should be maintained for future generations while using it productively. It encourages environmental conservation through promotion of sustainable, organic agriculture practices as an effective way of utilizing locally available resources for agricultural production, which are beneficial to the environment as well.