Family Farming Knowledge Platform

Movimento Autosviluppo Interscambio e Solidarietà M.A.I.S. NGO

Type of Organization: Non-governmental organization
Areas of work: Agroecology
Region: Europe and Central Asia
Country: Italy
M.A.I.S.’ objectives: To work in favour of sustainable and participated development of the global South, particularly for small-scale producers, the children and women, promoting the rise of local capacity. To promote exchange of expertise both within the countries where it works and between the North and the South of the world. M.A.I.S.’s projects in the global South aim at: Contrasting sexual and work exploitation of the children and supporting their education Contrasting women’s sexual exploitation and supporting their education Supporting the production and trade of small farmers’ products and claiming the importance of family farming Developing community organisation and primary services (water, schools, natural medicine) Supporting small producers and trade in the urban settings Promoting and supporting the unions’ and labours’ claims in the global South Supporting distance adoption and promoting school twinning between Italian and foreign countries’ schools