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The FFKP Network helps connect key players from the same country or region, encouraging them to explore areas of common interest that may serve as a basis to establish partnerships and collaborations among its members.

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Selina Wamucii

Community supported Agriculture CSA
Selina Wamucii is a pan African social enterprise that integrates smallholder farmers, pastoralists and fishing communities into local and global supply chains. Selina’s main strength is the utilization of technology to shorten and transform the agricultural supply chain while passing the benefits of an efficient chain to buyers and the producer...

Centro de Información de Actividades Porcinas

Research center
El Centro de Información de Actividades Porcinas CIAP es una organización académica-científica, sin fines de lucro que promueve el uso de TIC (tecnología de información y comunicación) y trabajos colaborativos para resolver problemas de generación y acceso a información necesarios para un desarrollo sustentable del complejo agroalimentario porcino en el...

Vétérinaires sans Frontières Germany

Non-governmental organization
Vétérinaires sans Frontières Germany is built on the belief that healthy animals, healthy humans and a healthy environment are of fundamental importance. The main target group of VSFG are pastoral and agro-pastoral village communities, fishing communities, as well as regional authorities, refugees and internally displaced persons. The organization’s headquarters is based in...

Société Coopérative des Producteurs Bio

Organisation de production agricole et d'élevage biologique.
Côte d'Ivoire


Non-governmental organization
The organisation works on critical issues related to different systems of livestock rearing, animal care, and the interfaces between agriculture, livestock, and human health. We work towards sustainable and enduring livestock production systems which are based in and supportive of diverse livelihoods and landscapes. We try to understand...

CIRAD - UMR Selmet

Research center
The organization works on animal production agro-ecosystems in warm climates, in normal and harsh conditions. The extreme conditions under which some of these systems function challenge the limits of ecological intensification.
Viet Nam

German Institute for Tropical and Subtropical Agriculture

Research center
DITSL is a centre of expertise for transdisciplinary research for development and transformation in social ecological land-use systems worldwide. It specialises in innovation in agriculture and livestock-based food and farming systems in highly heterogeneous and variable environments.

Réseau Arabe des Communautés Pastorales

Civil society
Le Réseau Arabe des Communautés Pastorales ‘’Pasto-Arabic’’ est composé de plusieurs institutions du Moyen Orient et de la région d'Afrique du Nord en tant que membres dans le corps principal de l'institution représentant l'Egypte, la Jordanie, la Palestine, le Liban, Mauritanie, le Maroc, la Tunisie, l'Algérie et le Soudan. Le...

Nainoye Community Development Organization

Civil society
Nainyoiye Community Development Organization (NCDO) is an indigenous peoples' organization working with the nomadic people in Samburu County. The organization creates a forum where nomadic communities in the district develop appropriate development strategies, which are used to develop and implement NCDO programmes that aim to reduce hunger and...

Nascita Agrifoods

Nascita Agrifoods est une entreprise , fournisseur de services d'appui conseils en agrobusiness et sécurité alimentaire.

Cooperativa de Servicios Especiales Alpaqueras

Familias indígenas de las comunidades campesinas, que se dedican a la actividad de pastoreo de ganado camelida (alpacas) y manejo de recursos naturales, ubicado a una altitud de 4350 metros en zona andina noreste de la región Puno. Obtienen ingreso económicos por la venta de fibra, carne, pieles y...

Groupement National des Associations Pastorales

Farmers' organization
Le Groupement National des Associations Pastorales (GNAP) est une organisation d’éleveurs qui compte de nos jours 49 Associations Pastorales (AP), 2 885 coopératives agrées, 10 bureaux régionaux. Les objectifs de GNAP sont -lagestion des points d’eau et des pâturages, la sensibilisation et diffusion de l’information sur l’amélioration des méthodes de...

Fiavotra Mada

Civil society
Association à but non lucratif oeuvrant dans le développement rural en appuyant une soixantaine de ménages ruraux entre autres pour élever des zébus et des poulets gasy, pour gérer des cantines scolaires, pour mener des mémoires de fin d'études en Stevia rebaudiana

Nomadic Livestock Keepers' Development Fund

Civil society
Development of Nomadic Pastoralism

Escuela Profesional de Ingeniería Zootécnica

Servicio de extensión universitaria

Union de Pequenos Agricultores y Ganaderos

UPA is the professional organization that groups, represents and defends the interests of professionals in agriculture and livestock in Spain. UPA is the organization that brings together the majority of the agricultural sector: family farms whose owners are small and medium farmers and ranchers. UPA has more than 80,000 members...

Center for support of indigenous peoples of the North

Civil society
The main objective of the Center is to help the indigenous people of the North and their communities to transition to the new market conditions of management in modern Russian reality through professional training, the creation of distance education programs, joint management and profits. Organization of the work of the...
Russian Federation

Norwegian Transhumance and Pastoralism Association

Civil society
An NGO organisation for active mountain farmers and others involved in Norwegian mountain farm culture • 500 members • 100 of these produce dairy products for sale • Established in 1999
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