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The FFKP Network helps connect key players from the same country or region, encouraging them to explore areas of common interest that may serve as a basis to establish partnerships and collaborations among its members.

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Transformation Advocacy Network Uganda

Farmer Field School
TANU, is CBO organization working with youth and vulnerable women on hands on skills and supporting the rural communities with the regenerative agriculture technology to better the food security in the rural areas

Asociación de Mujeres Rurales de Uruguay

Non-governmental organization
La Asociación de Mujeres Rurales del Uruguay (AMRU) nació en 1994. Un grupo de mujeres preocupadas por la crisis decidieron fundar una asociación que contribuyera al bienestar de la mujer rural y sus familias. La reunión fundacional fue el 23 de setiembre de ese año en Paso de los Toros,...

Fair River International Association for Development

Fair River International Association Development is a farmer focused organization that support production of commodities in rural areas through the provision of technical trainings, agricultural advisory services, and farmer-base association support

Association des jeunes entrepreneurs agronomes des hauts bassins

Non-governmental organization
L’Association des Jeunes Entrepreneurs Agronomes des Hauts-Bassins (AJEA/HB) est apolitique, laïc, bénévole, et à but non lucratif. Elle ne fait aucune discrimination de race, d’ethnie, de croyance, d’appartenance politique, de sexe, d’âge de statut sérologique, d’orientation sexuelle et de cas d’invalidité dans l’admission de ses membres ; les prestations de...
Burkina Faso

Kobeli Enterprises

Farmers' organization
A family farm based on the outskirts of Nairobi on a 3 acre plot. We are growing a variety of vegetables and fruit trees. We started in 2019 and we are still learning the best practices. Currently we sell to local market.

Asociación Colombiana de Mujeres Rurales e Indígenas - Capítulo Cota

International Organization
Organiza y promueve el desarrollo de las mujeres rurales e indígenas que realizan diferentes actividades: campesinas productoras, asalariadas agrícolas y temporales, artesanas, pescadoras, enfocadas del folklore y las tradiciones de nuestro campo. En términos territoriales, integra organizaciones y mujeres provenientes, en su gran mayoría, de localidades rurales y comunidades indígenas...

Society for Sustainable Agriculture & Friendly Environment

Non-governmental organization
Vision: Seek positive change in the rural areas of Pakistan Mission: The SAFE mission is to create a friendly environment for basic Education, friendly Environment, Women empowerment, Child Rights & protection, Gender equality, sustainable Agriculture and basic human rights to everyone. Society for Sustainable Agriculture& Friendly Environment (SAFE) is non- government, non-profit,...

Animation Rurale de Korhogo

Non-governmental organization
l'ONG ARK est une organisation non gouvernementale qui œuvre pour la promotion du monde rural. l'ARK fait de l'auto-promotion et l'appui à la dynamique paysanne. Elle œuvre aussi au développement de l'homme et de tout l'Homme
Côte d'Ivoire

Climate Reality India

Non-governmental organization
Environment Education, Water Management, Tree Plantation


Non-governmental organization
Entidad privada especializada en gestión de conocimiento y cooperación sur-sur para el desarrollo rural inclusivo

Plataforma de Comunicación Comunitaria Mestiza

Civil society
Somos una asociación civil sin fines de lucro que trabaja en distintos aspectos del desarrollo local, como la comunicación comunitaria, la agricultura familiar y la promoción de huertas urbanas, además otras iniciativas culturales y sociales. A través de Radio Mestiza articulamos con el Instituto Nacional de Tecnología Agropecuaria, generando contenidos...

Association des Femmes Centrafricaines Ingénieurs du Développement Rural délégation Europe

Non-governmental organization
AFCIDR-Europe mène ses activités en Centrafrique et en France. En Centrafrique: Nous soutenons et accompagnons les petits producteurs familiaux Nous développement le maraichage par les pratiques de l'agroécologie dans les écoles, Nous appuyons les femmes dans l'agroalimentaire Nous renforçons les capacités des agriculteurs Nous travaillons dan le domaine de l'accès à l'eau Nous aidons dans le montage...

Maya Mountain Research Farm

Non-governmental organization
MMRF is a 30 year old working farm that focuses on carbon drawdown through agroforestry, tropical staple trees, biochar and targeting degraded agricultural landscapes. We have 38 beds for students and have voted students fro all over Belize and from many other countries. We manage close to 500 species of...

Aquaculture Zimbabwe

Non-governmental organization
AQZ is a national NGO working towards the attainment of food, nutrition and income security in the rural areas of Zimbabwe, through innovative technologies in fisheries, aquaculture, crop and livestock, weir construction, clean energy and various income generating activities.

Federation of Rural Women's Asociations

Non-governmental organization
The Federation of Rural Women's Associations (Fademur) is an organization that strives to achieve equality and progress for women who live and work in rural areas. It was founded with the aim of reinforcing the work that are developing the associations of rural women that integrate it, because we know...

Atayeb Al Rif (Rural Delights) Cooperative

AAR cooperative was established in 2002 as a result of a developmental project implemented by YMCA-Lebanon and that aimed at providing rural women in Lebanon with income generation opportunities. After having the program establish and register almost 40 food processing cooperatives across Lebanon, AAR then acted as a hub for...

Enjeal Nys Agro

Civil society
Enjeal Nys Agro works for the development of agriculture through agriculture innovation and agribusiness initiative. The organization is carrying out projects such as: farmers field business school; Cameroon Agribusiness Academy; continued empowerment service; and the ICT for agricultural development.

Kiwonnongo Foundation

Non-governmental organization
This NGO assists communities their area with long sustainable farming and agriculture; soil conservation; land rights and governance; human rights; eradicating poverty and hunger; eradicating illiteracy; women, youth and children empowerment; and building a global community.

Women International League for Peace and Freedom

International Organization
The Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) is an international non-governmental organisation (NGO) with National Sections covering every continent, an International Secretariat based in Geneva, and a New York office focused on the work of the United Nations (UN). Since our establishment in 1915, we have brought together women...
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