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FFKP Network

The FFKP Network helps connect key players from the same country or region, encouraging them to explore areas of common interest that may serve as a basis to establish partnerships and collaborations among its members.

Interested in joining the FFKP Network?

By joining the FFKP Network, members will be given the opportunity to get international visibility for their organization/association/cooperative through the Family Farming Knowledge Platform. Stakeholders interested in becoming members of the FFKP Network are invited to provide the information requested in this form.

Registration is open to all.

The information on the members of the FFKP Network is provided by the members themselves. FAO is not responsible for its accuracy, nor for any use of such information by users.

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Green Brigade DR Congo

Non-governmental organization
Green Brigade DR Congo is an NGO working to promote climate change solutions, protect water, forest and climate for a sustainable development of vulnerable communities, and to build adaptation capacity to climate change. In Lake Kivu Basin Eastern of DR Congo, the group is planting trees, educating farmers on Agroecology...
Democratic Republic of the Congo

Network of National Coordination Committee of the International Year of Family Farming +10 The Gambia

Farmers' organization
The Network of National Coordination Committee of the International Year of Family Farming +10 Gambia was established in 2013, focusing on advocacy and lobbying policies in favor of family farming. It has been officially recognized by the Gambian government in 2016 as platform for policy dialogue. It consists of 17...

Institut Africain pour le Développement économique et social-Centre africain de Formation

Non-governmental organization
Inades-Formation Togo est créée en 1972 et a signé un accord de coopération avec le Gouvernement Togolais. L’Association nationale est structurée autour d’une Assemblée Générale (AG) composée de quarante (47) membres qui détermine les orientations générales et contrôle l’exécution des programmes d’intervention. Elle travaille sur cinq (5) programmes structurants, à...

Centre for Agriculteur ans Rural Développent in Mali

Civil society
Cette organisation de la société civile intervient dans le développement agricole et rural par la promotion d'une croissance inclusive et durable dans le secteur agricole. Les activités de l'organisation sont : le soutien et le renforcement des capacités des agriculteurs et des exploitations agricoles, la recherche et le conseil agricoles,...

Center for Environmental Education and Development

Civil society
The Center for Environmental Education and Development is a lead name in the execution of projects and campaign on environmental sustainability. The organization works with institutions, communities and government on the execution of its work, consisting of providing capacity building and training services.

Comité National de l'Agricultyure Familiale du Niger

Civil society
Le CNAF Niger est une faitière des faitières. Les membres fondateurs du CNAF - Niger sont la Plateforme paysanne du Niger, le Réseau des Chambres d'Agriculture du Niger, la plateforme d'Agro-écologie et l'ONG Enda Énergie Niger. Elle est ouverte à touts autres structures faitières du Niger ainsi qu'aux ONG et...

Eastern Caribbean Trading Agriculture Development Organization

Farmers' organization
What we do.... VISION Our vision is the achievement of sustained economic and social prosperity by rural farming communities. MISSION We are working to improve the quality of life for small farmers and their families by strengthening their capacity to achieve profitable markets and sustained incomes. As part of our mission, we share good...
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

International Tree Foundation

Non-governmental organization
International Tree Foundation plants trees, protects and regenerates forests, combats desertification and promotes sustainable forestry. We conserve forests, trees, associated biodiversity and indigenous forestry knowledge internationally and in the UK. We alleviate poverty through sustainable community forestry and drylands regreening. ITF’s projects involve planting trees that provide food and...
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Access Agriculture

Civil society
We host farmer learning videos on line, for free viewing and download
Bolivia (Plurinational State of)

Ecole Supérieure des Sciences Agronomiques

Institution de formation et de recherche en sciences agronomiques, ouverte en mars 1963 sous l’appellation d’Ecole Nationale Supérieure Agronomique (ENSA), pour devenir plus tard l’Ecole Supérieure des Sciences Agronomiques, l’ESSA est l’unique établissement public de formation d’Ingénieurs Agronomes à Madagascar. L’ESSA assure la formation de professionnels, de chercheurs et de...

Somaliland AgroVet Action

Non-governmental organization
Somaliland Agro VetAction is non profit and local NGO based in Somaliland with its HQ office at Hargeisa. It was founded in 2019 as a relief and development organisation by national livestock veterinary and agricultural scholars who were devoted to combat poverty and hunger challenges repeatedly faced by poor livestock herders...

Tranoben'ny Tantsaha Mpamokatra

La Tranoben’ny Tantsaha a pour objectifs d'améliorer les niveaux de vie des Producteurs, de développer les secteurs Agricoles et de renforcer les Organisations des Producteurs existantes. Missions de la Tranoben'ny Tantsaha Mpamokatra: Représente les producteurs dans le développement rural; défenseur de l'intérêt des producteurs; rend et émet des propositions sur l’ensemble...

Romanian National Rural Network

Development Agency
National Rural Networks (NRNs) support exchange and learning between all the partners involved in the implementation of Rural Development policy in EU Member States: public authorities, economic and social partners and the relevant bodies representing civil society. The structures and operating methods of NRNs may vary from state to state. Some...

Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries

The Ministry is guided by the vision of being a “competitive, profitable and sustainable agricultural sector” with the mission of "transforming subsistence farming to commercial agriculture”. The sector investment strategy ending FY 2020/2021 has been targeted at achieving four major objectives: i) Increasing agricultural production and productivity; ii) Increasing...

Nigerian Women Agro Allied Farmers Association

Farmers' organization
The Nigerian Women Agro Allied Farmers Association (NIWAAFA) is a women farmers association formed in 2006 by four women from the major tribes of Nigeria. The association has over 7600 registered members across 36 States. The focus of the organization is to promote agricultural women's empowerment by training up women...

International Fund for Agricultural Development

United Nations Agency
IFAD is a UN Rome-Based Agency (RBA) and IFI.

Faculty of Agriculture and Food Science and Environmental Management, University of Debrecen

The Faculty is a agricultural higher education institute with 1800 students and 90 academic staff members. The teaching and research area covers the whole food chain. Ranked amongst the best 250 in QS.

University of KwaZulu-Natal

The School of Agricultural, Earth and Environmental Sciences has a three part mission of teaching, research and community engagement. The School strives to provide a learning environment that prepares students to acquire skills necessary for meeting societal needs. It seeks to produce wholesome graduates who are not only technically qualified,...
South Africa

Isaa agricole

C'est une association de femmes qui regroupe plus des 100 femmes pour l agriculture familiale et organise des conférence et débat, sensibilisation etc.
Democratic Republic of the Congo

Centro de Estudios para Ciudades y Pueblos Sostenibles, Pedernales

Non-governmental organization
El Centro de Estudios para Ciudades y Pueblos Sostenibles, Pedernales: Es una asociación de origen dominicano, comprometida desde 2011 en apoyo de la intervención pública y privada en temas ambientales (EIA, EE, Auditaría Ambiental, Pasivos Ambientales, evaluación de proyectos, planificación estratégica, Seguimiento y Monitoreo de proyecto, Ordenamiento Territorial, investigación aplicada,...
Dominican Republic
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