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The FFKP Network helps connect key players from the same country or region, encouraging them to explore areas of common interest that may serve as a basis to establish partnerships and collaborations among its members.

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Associação Gaúcha de Proteção ao Ambiente Natural

Farmers' organization
Primeira entidade da Luta ambiental brasileira, fundada em abril de 1971, seu primeiro presidente foi José Lutzenberger, foi pioneira na luta pela agroecologiab bem como na defesa da Amazônia e Mata Atlântica. Produziu a primeira lei de agrotóxicos do Brasil em 1982.

Agroecology Europe

Non-governmental organization
The Association has a non-profit and international goal. The association aims to analyse, design, develop and promote the transition towards agroecology-based farming and food systems. The overall goal of the Association is to: support agroecological research, education and training; share and disseminate agroecological knowledge; promote agroecology in the farming and food sectors...

Wageningen University

Life Sciences

Twende Kazi Limited

Farmers' organization
Twende Kazi Youth Project Uganda is a non-profit organization that is mobilizing youth throughout Uganda to practice profitable farming. Our mission is: To identify, mobilize and empower the youths of our catchment areas with ways in which there are able to effectively participate in Twende Kazi and their country’s agenda developmental programs that lead...

Irish Seed Savers Association CLG

Non-governmental organization
Irish Seed Savers Association's mission is to carry on the preservation and saving of open pollinated heritage vegetable seed and fruit tree varieties; to cultivate and research food varieties of plant material, to provide training programmes on horticulture and biodiversity; to produce seed and fruit trees and make them available...

Temele Development Organization

Non-governmental organization
Agricultural production and productivity, water sanitation and hygiene, disaster risk reduction and financial inclusion.

European Federation of City Farms

Civil society
A network of city farms, with the scope to promote the interests and mutual co-operation of Kinderboerderijen, Jeugdboerderijen, Gezinsboerderijen, Fermes d'Enfants, Fermes d'Animation, Jugendfarmen, Aktivspielplatze, City Farms, 4H-Farms or similar organizations that actively promote the equal access and involvement of children, young people and adults through practical experience in...

Groupement National des Associations Pastorales

Farmers' organization
Le Groupement National des Associations Pastorales (GNAP) est une organisation d’éleveurs qui compte de nos jours 49 Associations Pastorales (AP), 2 885 coopératives agrées, 10 bureaux régionaux. Les objectifs de GNAP sont -lagestion des points d’eau et des pâturages, la sensibilisation et diffusion de l’information sur l’amélioration des méthodes de...

Reseau algerien des association de la péche artisanale

Farmers' organization
Ce réseau vient pour soutenir la pêche artisanale comme source des revenus, des petits producteurs et la sécurité alimentaire. Cette organisation de pêcheurs a un rôle important dans la vulgarisation des bonnes pratiques de la pêche responsable et dans la mise en œuvre des directives volontaire pour une pêche artisanale durable...

Instituto Maniva

Non-governmental organization
Is a network of chefs, Ecochefs, which mission us to add value to small holders, through comunnication, promotion, networking and advocacy. We also have the mission of promoting food education, and to protect brazilian gastronomic biodiversity,

Aide au développement de l'agriculture

Farmer Field School
- Promouvoir la Gestion Intégrée des Ravageurs des Cultures par les CEPs - Développement des Capacités des Facilitateurs et des Producteurs

Centre for Social Change and Economic Development in Nigeria

Non-governmental organization
Its a non profit non governmental organization that is to Empowerment, Social responsibility, gender and livelihood

Asociacion Ecologia Tecnologia y Cultura en los Andes

Non-governmental organization
Non-profit association devotes to aplied research and project implementation in sustainable rural development and dissemination of agroecological experiences conducted by family farmers

C/o Ghana irrigation Development Authority

GIDA is a Government Organization responsible for development and construction of small-scale irrigation schemes for farmers in Ghana. It has an agronomy/operational department that organizes farmers to produce crops sensibly under irrigation for export and local markets.

Universidade de Fortaleza

The university is one of the largest private university in Northeast of Brazil. Has more than 25 thousand students. The university invests in research and social technologies that can improve the living conditions of communities in the city and state. The university has social and technological labs that support...

Plateforme d'Action Nationale pour l'Agriculture Familiale en Côte d'Ivoire

Civil society
La Plateforme d’action nationale pour l’agriculture familiale en Côte d'Ivoire (PANAFCI) est née en janvier 2013. Un Comité national composé de neuf (09) a été élu pour piloter les activités au niveau national. La PANAFCI croit au développement durable des systèmes alimentaires basés sur l’Agriculture familiale. Elle s’est donnée pour mission...
Côte d'Ivoire

Eastern Africa Field School Support Hub

Non-governmental organization
A support organization for Field Schools

Mercado Alternativo de Tlalpan

Civil society
El Mercado Alternativo de Tlalpan ofrece un espacio de convivencia en donde l@s productor@s pueden comercializar sin necesidad de acudir con intermediarios abusivos que retienen la mayor parte de las ganancias e imponen esquemas de pago y calidad poco transparentes y equitativos. El mercado nació en septiembre del año 2013. Fue...

University of Waterloo


Federal UNiversity of Rio Grande do Sul

We are a centre of reseach and human resource training in rural development and food studies
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