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The FFKP Network helps connect key players from the same country or region, encouraging them to explore areas of common interest that may serve as a basis to establish partnerships and collaborations among its members.

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By joining the FFKP Network, members will be given the opportunity to get international visibility for their organization/association/cooperative through the Family Farming Knowledge Platform. Stakeholders interested in becoming members of the FFKP Network are invited to provide the information requested in this form.

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The information on the members of the FFKP Network is provided by the members themselves. FAO is not responsible for its accuracy, nor for any use of such information by users.

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Unión Campesina de Los Arroyos AC

Civil society
Somos una ONG sin fines lucrativos dedicados a promover el Desarrollo Rural

Sauti ya Mwanamke kijijini

Civil society
L’organisation a vu le jour pendant la période des conflits au cours de laquelle la femme rurale s’est illustrée sous deux aspects : d’un coté elle est la cible privilégie de tous les belligérants qui lui soumettent à de traitements des plus inhumains et de l’autre coté, elle continue...
Democratic Republic of the Congo

Forum des Organisations des Producteurs Agricoles du Burundi

Civil society
Le FOPABU-IA est une plateforme burundaise de la société civile composée pour le moment par 14 faitières/Organisations de Producteurs Agricoles (OP). Ce forum a été créé en 2009 et agréé le 29 octobre 2012 par l’Ordonnance Ministérielle N° 530/1757. Récemment avec la nouvelle Loi N° 1/02 DU 27 janvier 2017...

Food, Agriculture & Natural Resources Policy Analysis Network

International Organization
The Food, Agriculture and Natural Resources Policy Analysis Network (FANRPAN) is a pan-African network that provides independent evidence to inform policy processes at national and regional levels. FANRPAN’s membership includes food, agriculture and natural resources (FANR) related government departments, parliamentarians, research and farmer organizations, private sector, civil society organizations and...
South Africa

Department of Agricultural Economics and Extension, University of Port Harcourt

The department apart from academic and research activities, carries out community services. There is an Extension Outreach Unit that adds value to the activities of the Department.

H2CI Alagoas Limited

International Organization
Implementing Agricultural, Educational, Research and Telemedicine projects across Northeastern Brazil and beyond. Our agricultural project portfolio includes the Agroecology Education Network for Women and Youth, BIABAR, Degraded Lands & Desert Regeneration, Farmer to Farmer, GMP Arrangements for the production and distribution of medicinal and herbal plants, Innovation & Technology Transfer,...

International Center for Environmental Education & Community Development

Civil society
ICENECDEV (International Center for Environmental Education & Community Development) was established in 2005, with registration number: 43/G.37/D.14/1/ VOL.BAPP/ in accordance of law Number. 90/53 of December 1990 under article 7 relating to the formation, governing and functioning of association in Cameroon. ICENECDEV is...

Instituto Nacional de las Mujeres

El Instituto Nacional de las Mujeres, creado en 2005 en la órbita del Ministerio de Desarrollo Social es el organismo rector de las políticas de género, responsable de la promoción, diseño, coordinación, articulación y ejecución de las políticas públicas desde la perspectiva de género así como también de su seguimiento...

The International Collective in Support of Fishworkers

Non-governmental organization
ICSF is an international non-governmental organization that works towards the establishment of equitable, gender-just, self-reliant and sustainable fisheries, particularly in the small-scale, artisanal sector.

Eco Ruralis

Civil society
Eco Ruralis was founded in April of 2009 in Cluj-Napoca by small farmers from several regions of the country. It is a grassroots association made up of small farmers who practice organic and traditional farming based on environmentally-conscious principles.

Economic & Social Development Center of Palestine

Non-governmental organization
ESDC is a Palestinian development-oriented NGO with vast experiences in the both development and humanitarian cooperation. Within the development cooperation, ESDC is a well-recognized at the national level for their work in developing and building the capacities of cooperatives and the cooperative sector. Not only does ESDC build the institutional...
Gaza Strip

Support for Women in Agriculture and Environment

Non-governmental organization
Support for Women in Agriculture and Environment (SWAGEN) is an indigenous organization founded and owned by grassroots women in Uganda. The organization came into existence in 1998 out of felt need. Although the period spanning 1986-1990 saw a proliferation of women NGOs the majority were national level. They engaged in...

Sam Moyo African Institute for Agrarian Studies

The African Institute for Agrarian Studies (AIAS) is an independent policy research institution committed to the development of agrarian systems that enhance equitable land rights and sustainable land uses throughout Africa.
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