Plataforma de conocimientos sobre agricultura familiar

Red de la PCAF

La Red de la Plataforma ayuda a conectar a los actores principales del mismo país o región y fomenta que estudien temas de interés común que puedan servir como base para el establecimiento de asociaciones y colaboración entre sus miembros.

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Al unirse a la Red de la Plataforma, los miembros accederán a la oportunidad de que su organización/asociación/cooperativa obtenga visibilidad internacional a través de la Plataforma de conocimientos sobre la agricultura familiar. Se invita a los miembros interesados en formar parte de la Red de la Plataforma a  proporcionar la información solicitada en este formulario.

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La información sobre los miembros de la Red de la Plataforma la proporcionan ellos mismos. La FAO no es responsable de su exactitud ni de ningún uso que los usuarios hagan de dicha información.

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Barefoot Guide Connection

Civil society
The Barefoot Guide Connection is a global community of practice from dozens of countries, on every continent, dedicated to promoting the writing and sharing of real stories, approaches, ideas and resources about effective social development and change practice. Through storytelling and action learning based case study writing we support on-the-ground...
South Africa

Patrimoine Afrique

Civil society
Nous sommes une organisation oeuvrant pour le leadership des jeunes en milieu rural, l'entrepreneuriat et la promotion du patrimoine culturel

Association des naturalistes du Congo

Non-governmental organization
L'Association des Naturalistes du Congo, est une organisation non gouvernementale crée à Kinshasa en RDCongo. Sa vision est de promouvoir une grande participation des jeunes, pour une gestion efficace et coordonnées des aires protégées. Renforcer leurs capacités pour un rendement plus efficient, favoriser le travail en synergie dans une approche de...
Democratic Republic of the Congo

Exodus Foundation Ministries

Non-governmental organization
We are raising funds to provide meals to thousands of fellow friends who cannot to afford a meal a day on their own.Lets jointly provide meals to over 50,000 individuals without in a quarterly basis.
South Africa

Transformation Advocacy Network Uganda

Farmer Field School
TANU, is CBO organization working with youth and vulnerable women on hands on skills and supporting the rural communities with the regenerative agriculture technology to better the food security in the rural areas

GIC Alliance de jeunes dynamiques

Alliance de jeunes dynamiques fait dans l'agriculture (maniocs, maïs, arachides,etc...) et l'élevage ( volailles, bétails, bovins,etc...).

Association Interprofessionnelle du Coton

Association des familles professionnelles de la filière coton au Bénin composée de la familles des producteurs et de la familles des égreneurs et fournisseurs d'intrants agricoles.

Fountainhead Institute of Management and Technology

Fountainhead Institute of Management and Technology (FIMAT) is a tertiary institution based in Lira, Northern Uganda. It was established in 2006, and formally licensed by the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) in 2012, vide License No. TI.PL 0053, and was classified in 2018. Its mission is: “To provide quality...

Agbenoxevi Farms

Agbenoxevi Farms is a Social Enterprise. We produce and supply poultry for meat and table eggs in a rural community in Ghana. We are currently building our capacity so that we can involve the rural youth in sustainable poultry farming by brooding chicks and distributing to them so that they...

Environmental Conservation and Agricultural Enhancement Uganda (Eco-Agric Uganda)

Non-governmental organization
The Environmental Conservation & Agricultural Enhancement Uganda (Eco-Agric Uganda) is a registered Community Member Based None Governmental Organisation established 2007 and legally registered with the Government of Uganda. It is registered with the Uganda registrar of Companies as a Company Limited by Guarantee with no share capital (Registration number 115111)...

White Gold Initiatives

Non-governmental organization
White Gold Initiative (WIG) is a Nigerian based non-governmental organization focused on farming and rural development. The platform serves as hub for female farmers in particular by organizing them into clusters based on their cropping segments where they can have easy access to information, training and other technical support.

Africa Farmers Media Centre

Non-governmental organization
Africa Farmers Media Centre (AFMC) aims at developing smallholder farmers access to agriculture technologies, climate information services, agriculture inputs and agronomic practices through media as vehicle of development. AFMC for the last 15 years has conducted communication for development in farming communities through the Village Communication and Learning Centre (VCLCs)...

Women against poverty

Community supported Agriculture CSA
Women against poverty (WAP) is a non-government organization (charity organization) in Tanzania, established by Ms.Mary Gemela and Cresensia Shirima and become operational operational in 2012.It was established to improve social – economic conditions of girls and women who live in vulnerable conditions. Our vision is an agroforestry transformation in the developing...
United Republic of Tanzania

Solidaridad Network

Civil society
In the past 50 years, the work of Solidaridad has closely followed the socio-economic developments in the field of international cooperation. And more often than once, the organization has also stood at the cradle of innovation in promoting and fostering sustainable economic development.
South Africa

Mwapala Farm Ltd

We have a farm in Kwale which grows herbs, spices and fruits

Fair River International Association for Development

Fair River International Association Development is a farmer focused organization that support production of commodities in rural areas through the provision of technical trainings, agricultural advisory services, and farmer-base association support

Wêndbenedo Femmes et Enfants En difficultés

Non-governmental organization
Appui aux femmes, aux enfants en ville et milieux rural pour un développement durable dans divers champs d'action cité ci-dessous.
Burkina Faso

Cameroon Vision Trust

Civil society
The Cameroon Vision (CAMVISION) Trust is a scientific, technical and awareness building Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that contributes to local, national and international efforts to combat the escalating global environmental and water crisis. We undertake research and promote information and knowledge to increase the understanding and stimulate actions on world water...

Association des jeunes entrepreneurs agronomes des hauts bassins

Non-governmental organization
L’Association des Jeunes Entrepreneurs Agronomes des Hauts-Bassins (AJEA/HB) est apolitique, laïc, bénévole, et à but non lucratif. Elle ne fait aucune discrimination de race, d’ethnie, de croyance, d’appartenance politique, de sexe, d’âge de statut sérologique, d’orientation sexuelle et de cas d’invalidité dans l’admission de ses membres ; les prestations de...
Burkina Faso
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