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Réseau de la PCAF

Le réseau de la PCAF met en relation des acteurs clés d’un même pays ou d’une même région et encourage ceux-ci à explorer des domaines d’intérêt commun susceptibles de servir de base à des partenariats ou à des collaborations.

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En rejoignant le réseau FFKP, les membres pourront bénéficier d’une meilleure visibilité pour leur organisation, association ou coopérative, grâce à la plateforme de connaissances sur l’agriculture familiale. Les parties intéressées qui souhaitent devenir membres du réseau FFKP sont invités à fournir les informations demandées dans ce formulaire.

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Les informations sur les membres du réseau FFKP sont fournies par les membres. La FAO n’est pas responsable de l’exactitude de ces informations ni de l’usage qui pourrait en être fait.

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Schools and Colleges Permaculture Programme

Non-governmental organization
Schools and Colleges Permaculture Programme (SCOPE Kenya) is a network of Civil Society Organizations / NGOs and CBOs working with schools and communities to promote Permaculture/ sustainable Ecological agriculture and environmental conservation activities among school communities in Kenya. Currently, membership has grown from 14 pioneer organizations (in 2014) to 18 members...

Participatory Ecological Land Use Management

Non-governmental organization
Since 1995, PELUM Uganda has been working to improve the livelihoods of small-scale farmers and the sustainability of rural communities through the fostering of ecological land use management. The organization shares skills and knowledge about good practices and techniques, through a broad network of like-minded organizations; it undertakes research and...

Dana and Qadisiyah Local Community Cooperative

A local cooperative which works to empower the community to claim customary land back and to help peasants and pastoralists to sustain their traditional way of life and support themselves. It encourages networking and cooperation among farmers and pastoralists to overcome their problems and compete with commercial corporate products.

Bio Gardening Innovations

Non-governmental organization
BIOGI is a Kenyan NGO working with smallholder farmers in the Western part of the country. The organization partners with lead farmers in village groups in establishing learning sites that demonstrate a whole farm approach using permaculture methods and other sustainable farming practices. These are in line with agroecology...

Institución Educativa La Bella

Somos una Institución Educativa de carácter oficial, ubicada en el sector rural el municipio de Pereira, corregimiento La Bella. Generamos un alto sentido de responsabilidad ambiental e identidad campesina en nuestra comunidad educativa, desde el conocimiento y mayor conciencia del territorio, los valores, los principios y los saberes ancestrales que...

CIRAD - UMR Selmet

Research center
The organization works on animal production agro-ecosystems in warm climates, in normal and harsh conditions. The extreme conditions under which some of these systems function challenge the limits of ecological intensification.
Viet Nam

Zimbabwe Farmers' Union

Farmers' organization
The Zimbabwe Farmers' Union (ZFU) is the largest farmers’ organization in Zimbabwe and it represents over a million farming households. It is a membership-based farmers' organization created to promote and advance farmers' interests and welfare through representation, networking, information dissemination, capacity building, formation of viable enterprises and mainstreaming environment...

Njeremoto Biodiversity Institute

Non-governmental organization
The Njeremoto Biodiversity Institute (NBI) is located 54 km north of Masvingo City, in Chatsworth Area, in Masvingo Province of Zimbabwe. Its project goal is to empower communities living in arid and semi-arid ecosystems, improving their and future generations’ livelihoods by restoring their land and natural water sources, using livestock...

Aquaculture Zimbabwe

Non-governmental organization
AQZ is a national NGO working towards the attainment of food, nutrition and income security in the rural areas of Zimbabwe, through innovative technologies in fisheries, aquaculture, crop and livestock, weir construction, clean energy and various income generating activities.

Ministerio de Agricultura y Ganaderia / Region Central Oriental

Institucion del Gobierno que brinda asesoria tecnica a pequeños y medianos agricultores, con enfasis en produccion sostenible.
Costa Rica

La Costanza

Farmers' organization
Family farm. Our production is close to 100% organic. We produce our compost and feed the 400 sq. meters, which are divided into 20 plots. We built 2 greenhouses to produce cherry tomatoes, lulo and green pepper. We built our water system and an oven that we use for cooking...

Sociedad Española de Agricultura Ecológica/Agroecologia- SEAE

Civil society
La Sociedad Española de Agricultura Ecológica/ Sociedad Española de Agroecología (SEAE) es una entidad privada sin ánimo de lucro, que surgió en 1992 para aglutinar los esfuerzos de agricultores/as, técnicos/as, científicos/as, y otras personas y actores, para impulsar la mejorar y difusión del conocimiento en torno a la...

Centre for Science and Environment

Non-governmental organization
Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) is a public interest research and advocacy organisation based in New Delhi. CSE researches into, lobbies for and communicates the urgency of development that is both sustainable and equitable. We believe that the scenario today demands using knowledge to bring about change. This is what we...


Non-governmental organization
Prosalus is a non-profit ONG that launches promotion and awareness campaigns on human rights' access to health, water and food for African and Latin America countries.

FiBL Europe

Research center
FiBL Europe is currently representing seven members: The founding members FiBL Switzerland, FiBL Germany and FiBL Austria as well as FiBL Central Eastern Europe, FiBL France, the Ökológiai Mezőgazdasági Kutatóintézet ÖMKi and the Institut fir biologësch Landwirtschaft an Agrarkultur IBLA. FiBL Europe provides a single contact point to access the full...

Hunger Reduction International

Non-governmental organization
Hunger Reduction International is a non-profit, local, relief and development charity organization founded in 2011 and based in Somalia/Somaliland. HRI was formed to help the most vulnerable communities in Somaliland to gain live supporting services that enable them to escape poverty and hunger. HRI focuses on the following themes: Food Security Livelihoods...

Premium Hortus

Awarded "Outstanding Practices in Agroecology 2019" at the Global Forum for Food and Agriculture, as one of the best world's "Innovations in Agroecology" by FAO, winner of the ICAF Award 2017 at COP23, Premium Hortus is the African green-tech for scaling agroecology to achieve the SDGs, specializing in the e-commerce...

Tomorrow Cameroon Association

Non-governmental organization
Building a better Cameroon by protecting the environment, improve education and sanitation, and empower youth at community level is among the main goals of the organization.

Farmers Trend Africa LTD

Farmers' organization
Farmers Trend Africa Ltd originaly was founded a team of agriculturarist, extension experts and business people. The firm was fully incorporated in the early months of 2018 with its offices at Posta Office Building Kampala. we provide agricultural consultancy services and platform for farmers to get information and advice...

Reseau national des chambres d'agriculture

Farmers' organization
L'organisation a les missions de représentation, de conseil agricole et d'information et de formation des producteurs et de leurs organisations.
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