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Blog article
Inspirational ideas: A digital strategy for agriculture

There is a pressing need for overarching digital strategies to unlock the potential of digitisation in the agricultural sector.Digital technologies can help European farmers increase their profitability and reduce their environmental impact, however they are more effective when supported by public policy. In the northern part of Germany, the region of...
2019 - EipAgri

Case study
Cereal banks improving food security and incomes in Guinea-Bissau

In Guinea-Bissau, the intensifi cation of cashew monoculture and the decline in yields of rice and other staple cereals is a common issue that puts the population in an unprecedented state of food insecurity. Organisations such as CAURAL REMOBE have tried to fi nd a solution to this problem. The...
2019 - ONG Guiarroz, Guinée-Bissau.

Working paper
Characteristics of Smallholder Farm Households in Upper Egypt

Implications for nutrition-sensitive agricultural interventions
This paper characterizes smallholder farm households in Upper Egypt based on data from a comprehensive farm household survey. The results from the descriptive analysis in combination with findings from the global literature provide recommendations on how agricultural projects can be leveraged for improving nutrition. The importance of focusing on nutrition...
2019 - IFPRI

Developing Sustainable Value Chains for Small-Scale Livestock Producers

This publication constitutes a practical development tool, which implements the sustainable food value chain framework with a focus on small-scale livestock producers, targeting an audience of project design teams and policymakers. By integrating the concepts of value addition and the three dimensions of sustainability, the sustainable food value chain framework not...
2019 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations FAO

Regional Overview of Food Security and Nutrition in Europe and Central Asia 2019

The Regional Overview of Food Security and Nutrition in Europe and Central Asia 2019 consists of three main sections: 1) an in-depth situation analysis of Sustainable Development Goal 2 Target 2.1 (to end hunger and ensure access to food by all) and Target 2.2 (to end all forms of malnutrition),...
2019 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations FAO

Case study
Seed fairs in post-conflict situations

As part of its food security and livelihood programs, Action Against Hunger (ACF-USA)* has organized seed fairs in rural areas of Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo to provide farmers with seeds. The fairs have been widely spread and had a great number of direct beneficiaries and vendors, successfully...
Democratic Republic of the Congo - Uganda
2019 - The Oakland Institute

Blog article
Letter from a Farm

Who grows the food we eat? Who sows the seeds, tends the soil, picks the fruits and harvests the carrots? At ARC, we want to put faces to our food. Agroecology is not one fixed way of doing agriculture, rather it is a philosophy, set of practices, and way of engaging...
European Union
2019 - ARC2020

Viva Maria: Mulheres rurais, em campanha, transformam indignação em poesia

Na certeza de que “Dias Melhores virão", frase que viralizou na internet ao longo das comemorações do 8 de março, Viva Maria hoje também compartilha algumas mensagens que recebeu através do WhatsApp. E em nome desse seu fazer poesia, fazer agricultura familiar, eu compartilho com a nossa audiência a alegria de...
2019 - Secretaria de Agricultura Familiar e Cooperativismo


Family farming suffers first hand from climate change and is, in turn, one of the main keys to mitigation efforts.
More than 25,000 representatives from 200 countries (heads of States and Governments, environmental organizations, private sector, scientists, etc.) will meet in Madrid at the UN Climate Change Conference COP25 that will take place in the IFEMA space, from 2 to 13 December, to reach agreements and commitments between nations to combat the...

Resilience analysis of pastoral and agro-pastoral communities in South Sudan’s cross-border areas with Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda

“Strengthening the Livelihoods Resilience of Pastoral and Agropastoral Communities in South Sudan’s Cross-border Areas with Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda” is a three-year project funded by European Union that aims to improve governance and conflict prevention to reduce forced displacement and irregular migration in the cross-border areas of South Sudan....
Ethiopia - Kenya - Sudan - Uganda
2019 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations FAO

Journal article
FAO lança quarta edição da campanha ‘Mulheres Rurais, Mulheres com Direitos

De acordo com o censo demográfico mais recente, as mulheres rurais são responsáveis pela renda de 42,2% das famílias do campo no Brasil. Foto: Banco Mundial/Andrea Borgarello "Pensar em igualdade, construir de forma inteligente, inovar para a mudança" é o lema da quarta edição da campanha Mulheres Rurais, Mulheres com Direitos,...
2019 - Dourados Agora

Resultados económicos de modelos productivos porcinos - Informe Nº 39. Octubre 2019

Este documento elaborado en el marco del Proyecto “Gestión productiva y económica de pequeños y medianos emprendimientos porcinos de Argentina y Uruguay vinculados al CIAP” presenta estimaciones sobre comportamientos de resultados económicos de modelos productivos y tiene como propósito aportar información que favorezca la inclusión de productores, mejore la calidad...
2019 - Centro de Información de Actividades Porcinas (CIA)

Evidencias científicas sobre la producción ecológica

La Sociedad Española de Agricultura Ecológica/Agroecológica (SEAE) ha publicado el trabajo Evidencias científicas sobre la producción ecológica que trata de mostrar, a través de evidencias, los beneficios de este tipo de producción. Este documento es apoyado por más de cincuenta entidades del ámbito académico, ambientalista, empresarial y del asociacionismo del sector ecológico...

Case study
Grassroots communities produce certified onion seed in Cameroon

High-quality onion production begins with highquality onion seed. Ensuring farmers’ access to quality seed requires the use of research-proven techniques. This project aimed to improve the onion seed system by strengthening producers’ capacity to produce certifi ed onion seeds. The project built the capacity of producers through training of trainers,...
2019 - World Vegetable Center

Decreto Lei nº 9.980, de 20 de agosto de 2019

O Decreto Lei nº 9.980, de 20 de agosto de 2019, dispõe sobre a estrutura regimental e atribui funções à Secretaria Especial de Articulação Social, que assessora o Ministro de Estado Chefe da Secretaria de Governo da Presidência da República. No art.15 e incisos VI, VII e VIII, expressa a atribuição...
2019 - Presidência da República

Blog article
Rural Dialogues | Peasants of Nature – French Initiative Reconciles Agriculture & Biodiversity

In the Western French region “les Pays de la Loire”, an idea emerged about a decade ago in the minds of some environmentalists. Faced with the dreadful, global, current loss of biodiversity, especially in agricultural landscapes – which accounts for 70% of the regional land – these passionate naturalists strived...
European Union
2019 - ARC2020

Blog article
Mapa vai aproximar agricultores familiares de grandes investidores

A Secretaria de Agricultura Familiar e Cooperativismo do Ministério da Agricultura, Pecuária e Abastecimento (Mapa) realizará em novembro e dezembro três Encontros de Oportunidades: dois no Nordeste e um no Norte do país, em municípios estratégicos com oferta e demanda de produtos da sociobiodiversidade. O objetivo é conectar pequenos e...
2019 - Secretaria de Agricultura Familiar e Cooperativismo (SAF)

An Africa-Europe agenda for rural transformation

Report by the Task Force Rural Africa
The African workforce will grow by 800 million people over the next 30 years. Generating sufficient jobs and incomes to meet their needs is one of the biggest political and economic challenges of our time. This report proposes strategies and policies, harnessing cooperation between Africa and Europe, to enable the...
2019 - European Commission

Blog article
France, Agroecology & the Coming CAP Reform

Agroecology is much talked about, and practiced in many regions, but how does it relate to the word of policy-making? In some countries such as France, agroecology forms the basis of emerging agri-food policy – albeit in a contested and sometimes contradictory way.  Since the time of ecologically progressive Agriculture Minister...
European Union
2019 - ARC2020

Así se combina la innovación con los saberes locales en el Gran Chaco Americano

EL FUTURO ESTÁ EN EL MONTE se constituye como un movimiento que impulsa en la región del Gran Chaco modelos productivos y comerciales que promuevan un desarrollo sustentable, competitivo e inclusivo, a través de la puesta en valor del capital natural, social y cultural, combinando la innovación con los saberes...
2019 - El Futuro está en el Monte
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