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Blog article
Against or with Nature

Agricultural technology was fairly stable for centuries, but slowly began to change in medieval times, which brings us back to the windmill.
2021 - AGROinsight

FAO Agroecology Newsletter #45

Agroecology Newsletter of March 2021.

FAO Agroecology Newsletter #44

Agroecology Newsletter of February 2021.

COVID-19 building back greener and more resilient

Contributions of agroecology to a “new normal” in Asia and the Pacific
Besides the severe health crisis, the COVID-19 epidemic also caused the global economy to contract at a rate not seen since the Second World War and led to a severe increase of poor and food insecure people as well as a sharp projected decrease of production of agricultural goods in...
2021 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Día Internacional de la Tierra. La tierra late: agroecología, buen vivir y cambio climático

En el Día Internacional de la Tierra este Conversatorio ofrecerá la oportunidad de difundir el trabajo de becarias y becarios de nuestro Programa de Investigación y Formación en sistemas agroecológicos andinos de CLACSO y Fundación McKnight, fruto del trabajo que a lo largo de 4 años fue consolidando una comunidad...
Bolivia (Plurinational State of) - Ecuador - Peru
2021 - Consejo Latinoamericano de Ciencias Sociales (CLACSO)

4. #Organics: An international food market, with Beate Huber

In the past decade, the demand for organic food has grown exponentially in the EU. The EU has set rigorous criteria for European farmers who want to have their products certified with the EU organic logo, but what rules apply to products imported from non-EU countries? In the fourth episode of...
European Union
2021 - European Commission

3. #Organics: Strengthening the EU organic label, with Irène Tolleret

Introduced more than 10 years ago, the EU organic logo embodies rigorous organic food production rules. The logo guarantees that at least 95% of a food product’s ingredients are organic. It also confirms that products respect the environment, soil fertility, biodiversity, animal welfare and do not contain chemicals or GMOs. More...
European Union
2021 - European Commission

2. #Organics: Building trust in organic farming in Europe, with Wolfgang Burtscher

Increasing demand for organic food products across Europe has made it clear that the European Union must help more farmers transition to organic farming and strengthen trust in the EU organics system among consumers. New legislation on organics is set to come into force early next year. What kind of...
European Union
2021 - European Commission

1. #Organics: The European Union’s role in shaping the market, with Commissioner Wojciechowski

European consumption of organic products has exploded over the last years. Currently, the European Union is ranked second in global organic consumption after the US. By 2030, it aims to convert 25% of farmland to organic. Right now, it is only around 8 %. Is the EU on the right...
European Union
2021 - European Commission

Senegal Agroecology

VOA-Zimbabwe broadcasted a fascinating story of agroecological practices in Senegal.  The story featured some farmers and activists who are trying new farming techniques to reduce the use of chemicals and improve crop yields. Click below to listen to Allison Lékogo Fernandes checks on an agroecology experiment in a Dakar suburb.
2021 - VOA-Zimbabwe

Blog article
Tras un año de usurpación en su campo, un pequeño productor cordobés logra que la Justicia se lo restituya con el acompañamiento gremial de FAA

Un caso acerca de la titulación precaria de tierras
El 14 de abril de 2020, el federado Daniel Ahumada fue víctima de la usurpación de su campo, ubicado en Cruz del Eje, provincia de Córdoba. El usurpador, valiéndose de un arma de fuego, amenazó a Daniel, su madre y su hijo, para quedarse con la propiedad, argumentando haberla comprado....
2021 - Federación Agraria Argentina (FAA)

El Poder del Agave: Reverdeciendo el Desierto

Agave proviene de la palabra griega αγαυή que significa “noble” o “admirable,” es una sucuenta desértica perenne común, de gruesas hojas carnosas y espinas puntiagudas. Las plantas de agave evolucionaron originalmente en México, el suroeste de los Estados Unidos y en Centroamérica, pero también pueden ser encontrados actualmente en las...
2021 - Vía Orgánica

Tanzanian farmers boost diets with sustainable methods

An agroecology project from Tanzania found significant improvements in the diversity of children’s diets and food security for households after farmers learned about sustainable crop-growing methods, gender equity, nutrition and climate change from peer mentors. The investigator of the project said, “We found that this intervention approach of combining agroecology...
United Republic of Tanzania
2021 - Cornell

Entrevista Mercedes López sobre amparos a Monsanto-Bayer vs decreto glifosato

Nuestra directora de la Asociación de Consumidores Orgánicos en CDMX fue entrevistada junto con José Luis Bustamante de Pro-Oaxaca por la Radio Universidad Autónoma Benito Juárez sobre los amparos que han otorgado los jueces a Bayer/Monsanto y al Consejo Nacional Agrario contra el Decreto de Prohibición del glifosato.
2021 - Asociación de Consumidores Orgánicos

Blog article
Restoring African drylands from within – without myths

From the 2nd to the 3rd of June, the Global Landscapes Forum hosted the first digital conference focused entirely on Africa’s drylands and how integrative restoration practices can see them flourish once again. Dryland ecosystems cover some 43 percent of Africa. They’re home to more than half a billion people...
2021 - Global Landscapes Forum

Garnering nature friendly agriculture practices: 1990 to 2020. When science simplification, participatory co production and generous sharing is valued

Field tested practices, methodologies and approaches to regenerating agriculture and associated ecosystems are featured in this compilation . Mostly experiences from across Asia are included , the compilation is based on publications generated through participatory writeshops, organised over thirty years featuring a wide range of stakeholders, disciplines and donors. Participatory...
2021 - CGIAR

Blog article
Organic Agriculture is Good for All, so has a Bright Future…

China and India are the major organic agriculture producers in Asia. But other Asian countries too are working well to increase their share in the global organic market. Some countries worth mentioning are Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand, which are making systematic efforts to promote organic agriculture in their own ways....
2021 - AESA

FAO Agroecology Newsletter #47

Agroecology Newsletter of May 2021.
2021 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations FAO

Journal article
Organic Beekeeping Practices in Romania: Status and Perspectives towards a Sustainable Development

Romanian beekeeping faces a lot of challenges nowadays due to the problems related to climate change, the use of pesticides in agriculture, but also to the pandemic crisis. In this context, organic beekeeping represents an important alternative to traditional apicultural practices. The purpose of the study was to present the...
2021 - Department of Animal Production and Food Safety, University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Cluj Napoca, 400372 Cluj Napoca, Romania

European organic congress 2021

The European Organic Congress 2021 will take place online, live from Lisbon, on 16-18 June 2021 This year’s Congress, with the title “Organic’s contribution to the European Green Deal” aims to inspire the participants by focusing on how the agri-food sector’s initiatives enhance the transition towards a more sustainable food system,...
2021 - IFOAM Organics
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