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Magazine article
Les systèmes alimentaires aux défis de la crise de la Covid-19 en Afrique : enseignements et incertitudes

La crise liée au SARS-CoV2 (syndrome respiratoire aigu sévère–coronavirus 2) a donné lieu à une profusion de documents et webinaires sur la sécurité alimentaire au niveau international, ce qui tend à brouiller la compréhension des dynamiques à l’œuvre sur le terrain. Cet article se propose de faire le point sur...
2021 - Cahiers Agricultures

Blog article
Long-term vision for rural areas: Europeans share their views on rural areas

Improved infrastructure, especially in terms of public transport, is among the most pressing needs for rural areas. Farming is seen as the sector contributing the most to rural areas. These are some of the key outcomes of the online public consultation on the Long-term vision for rural areas held between 7 September...
European Union
2021 - European Commission

Blog article
Moldovan agriculture set to become more resilient against climate change

Agriculture in the Republic of Moldova is set to become more resilient to climate change vulnerabilities thanks to a new USD 0.685 million project. The agriculture sector is a mainstay of the country’s economy with the majority of the population living in rural areas and depending on agriculture for food and...
Republic of Moldova
2021 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations FAO

Technical paper
Medidas y acciones impulsadas por los Gobiernos de América Latina y el Caribe frente al COVID-19 en áreas clave para la autonomía de las mujeres y la igualdad de género

En este documento se presentan medidas implementadas por los Gobiernos de América Latina y el Caribe para atender la situación de las mujeres durante la pandemia por COVID-19. La información comenzó a recopilarse a muy pocos días de declarada la pandemia a nivel mundial. En el marco de la reunión...
2021 - Comisión Económica para América Latina y el Caribe (CEPAL)

Blog article
Trainings of artificial insemination specialists improve cattle productivity and livelihoods in Azerbaijan

Considering the many challenges small-scale cattle breeders face, FAO launched a project on artificial insemination to boost breeders’ livelihoods. The project aims to improve breeding and service quality in the livestock sector through a better organized and high-quality system for delivering artificial insemination and animal production services to farms. Improved and...
2021 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations FAO

African Coronavirus stories

Perspectives on COVID-19 Challenges to Livelihoods and Food Systems
The impact of COVID 19 on food security in Africa has been among the most widely discussed subjects since the first cases of COVID-19 in Africa broke in February 2020. Most of the narratives were alarming. The headlines put Africa at the brink of an unprecedented humanitarian crisis caused by...
Benin - Botswana - Cameroon - Ethiopia - Ghana - Kenya - Lesotho - Malawi - Mozambique - Niger - Nigeria - Senegal - South Sudan - Uganda - Zambia - Zimbabwe
2021 - Alliance for Food Sovereignty (AFSA)

Blog article
Science, technology and innovation are key to transform agri-food systems in Central Asia

The virtual event, hosted by the Government of Kyrgyz Republic, focused on innovations in agri-food systems. With focus on science, technology and innovation, Central Asian countries can contribute to agri-food systems transformation and serve as a model for other regions facing similar challenges amid the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. 
2021 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations FAO

International Year of Fruits and Vegetables Website

The UN General Assembly designated 2021 the International Year of Fruits and Vegetables (IYFV).FAO is the lead agency for celebrating the year in collaboration with other relevant organizations and bodies of the United Nations system.The IYFV 2021 is a unique opportunity to raise awareness on the important role of fruits and...
2021 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations FAO

5. #Organics: the EU's Organic Action Plan: what's on the plate? with Nathalie Sauze-Vandevyver

The EU's recently launched Organic Action Plan sets ambitious goals to boost organic food production and raise organic farming in Europe to 25% of all farmland by 2030. The Action Plan will benefit the environment, biodiversity, animal welfare and contribute significantly to achieving the EU's goals set out in the...
European Union
2021 - European Commission

FAO Agroecology Newsletter #43

Agroecology Newsletter of January 2021.

Magazine article
Agriculture et Développement

Revue de vulgarisation et d'appui conseil
Articles:  Pisciculture: promotion et développement de la pisciculture dans les régions Sahariennes Pour une gestion durable de la foret Algérienne Les systèmes de gestion de l'information et des connaissances
2021 - Agriculture et Développement

Diálogo regional sobre la igualdad de género y empoderamiento de las mujeres para la transformación de los sistemas alimentarios de América Latina y el Caribe

Un sistema alimentario justo, transformador y equitativo en relación con el género es aquel que permite a los países, comunidades, hogares, y a los hombres y mujeres, contar con lo necesario para producir y tener acceso suficientes alimentos para sus familias y poblaciones a través de procesos sostenibles, positivos para...
2021 - Organización de las Naciones Unidas para la Alimentación y la Agricultura (FAO)

Which farms feed the world and has farmland become more concentrated?

Numerous attempts have been made to estimate the share of the world’s food produced by family farms and by farms of different sizes. This paper updates estimates of the number of farms worldwide, their distribution and that of farmland, using the most recent agricultural censuses available, in combination with survey...

Blog article
Building a better fruit fly trap

The Mediterranean fruit fly is a worthy enemy. This pest, also known as the medfly, is widespread over the tropics, attacking and spoiling oranges, mangoes and many other fruits. Each female can lay 200 eggs in her brief lifetime—allowing rapid population growth. The medfly damages so much high value fruit,...
Bolivia (Plurinational State of) - United States of America
2021 - Access Agriculture

Blog article
Project promotes agritourism and digitalization for Albanian smallholder farms

FAO helped to enhance diversification and competitiveness of Albanian smallholders through the promotion of agritourism and digitalization in the agrifood sector. The one-year project, which ended recently, targeted three pilot areas in the country (Belsh, Melesi Madhe, and Korca). For real impact, the project combined training and knowledge sharing leading to...
2021 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations FAO

Blog article
Forests - new EU strategy

As announced in its Communication on the European Green Deal, the Commission is developing a new (post 2021) EU forest strategy. The strategy will build on the EU’s 2030 biodiversity strategy, cover the whole forest cycle and promote the many services that forests provide. The strategy will also be aimed...
2021 - European Commission

Blog article
Rural people in Uzbekistan received 34 greenhouses from FAO

FAO donated altogether 34 greenhouses to rural families living in Uzbekistan’s southeastern regions (Bukhara and Kamashi districts) as part of the socio-economic response to the global crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The greenhouses will improve the nutrition and livelihood of vulnerable families. “Low-income families were selected for FAO support on...
2021 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations FAO

Blog article
Action plan combats dieback of pine forests in Belarus and Ukraine

Belarus and Ukraine have high forest covers that provide a fundamental contribution to the wellbeing of rural populations and the national economy. To protect these forests for future generations, a new FAO project, launched today with a virtual inception workshop, will help increase the resilience of forest ecosystems against unfavourable...
Belarus - Ukraine
2021 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations FAO

Blog article
Learning to grow soil-less fodder

Hydroponic farming – a system where plants are grown in water instead of soil – seems too high-tech and costly for smallholders in developing countries. But dairy farmers in the Satara district in the Indian state of Maharashtra have in recent years learnt to successfully produce quality green fodder using...
2021 - Access Agriculture

Blog article
Cutting food waste while improving food security and environment in Ukraine

An average Ukrainian generates 250-300 kilograms of waste per year; and this number is expected to rise. At that, up to 60 percent of solid municipal waste is composed of organic waste, including food waste. The current methods of waste management in Ukraine – mere collection of mixed waste and...
2021 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations FAO
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