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Article de revue spécialisée
Norway: Then and Now—Women in Norway’s Fisheries

Twenty-five years after the introduction of the quota system, significant challenges confront women in Norway’s fisheries. Norway is considered to be one of the largest fishery nations in Europe. Despite this, there are few professional women fishers in the country. According to statistical data released in 2017 by the Norwegian Directorate...
2018 - ICSF

Article de revue spécialisée
Norway / SSF Guidelines: Differences Matter

The Norwegian experience shows that learning about sustainable small-scale fisheries development should not be a one-way traffic from the North to the South
2018 - ICSF

Film from summermountain farming with goats in Norway, Norsk seterkultur

This short film is showing a bit from the daily life on a summer mountain goat farm I Western Norway. It shows a modern and mechanized summer mountain farm with mechanized milking. The milk is preceded and on the farm. The chesse is sold from the farm and delivered to...
2016 - Norsk seterkultur

Article de blog
Community Supported Agriculture in Norway

The official policy of the present Norwegian government is to encourage fewer, bigger farms. With only 3% of the land suitable for farming, Norwegian agricultural production is limited and most of the food comes from abroad. In the fjords, there are big salmon farms largely for export, and Norway still...
2016 - URGENCI

Fiche d'information
Summer pasture farming – traditions for future

Summer pasture farming i Norway, short introduction
2015 - Norsk seterkultur

Étude de cas
The Profitability of Seasonal Mountain Dairy Farming in Norway

Summer mountain dairy farming has a long tradition in Norway. At the same time it seems to be more interest in seasonal mountain processing expected due to: Health aspects of mountain products may be important for demand Grazing is to be promoted due to animal welfare concerns The risks are probably related to...
2015 - Norwegian Agricultural Economics Research Institute

Deep roots

The International Year of Family Farming (IYFF) has uncovered well-grounded resolve to place family farmers as protagonists in addressing a number of challenges we face, from eradicating hunger and poverty to conserving natural resources. Nothing comes closer to the sustainable food production paradigm than family farming. The diverse set of...
Albania - Australia - Brazil - Canada - Chile - China - Costa Rica - Croatia - Finland - France - Hungary - India - Japan - Kenya - Madagascar - Malaysia - Nepal - Netherlands - New Zealand - Norway - Philippines - Senegal - Serbia - Slovenia - South Africa - Thailand - Uruguay
2014 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Reduction of soil erosion in Norway

In Norway, land use changes have led to increased erosion and decreased biodiversity. Norwegian agriculture was significantly restructured in the 1950s. Dairy farming was concentrated in the western and northwestern parts of the country. Arable farming was directed to the southeast. The consequences were that mixed farms in the southeast...

Comptes rendus de conférence
Forage resources and ecosystem services provided by mountain and Mediterranean grasslands and rangelands

In constrained environments such as mountainous and Mediterranean areas the sustainable use of forage resources by domestic herbivores has to combine production, conservation of high environmental value areas and product quality. The sustainability of animal production systems relies on their ability to reconcile economic performance based on the added value...
Algeria - Egypt - France - Greece - Italy - Morocco - New Zealand - Norway - Portugal - Spain - Sweden - Switzerland - Tunisia - Uruguay

Étude de cas
Fisheries in Transition

50 Interviews with the Fishing Sector
This report provides 50 interviews from fisheries that are moving towards sustainability. It takes the approach of speaking to those who are directly involved in fishing, earn their livelihoods on a daily basis from fishing and often work at the sharp end in dangerous conditions. These are the people, together...
Australia - Bahamas - Canada - Chile - Colombia - Denmark - Ecuador - Fiji - France - Gambia - Iceland - India - Indonesia - Isle of Man - Japan - Madagascar - Mexico - Mozambique - Namibia - Nauru - New Zealand - Norway - Peru - Philippines - Russian Federation - Seychelles - Sierra Leone - South Africa - Spain - Suriname - United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland - United Republic of Tanzania - United States of America - Viet Nam
2012 - Prince’s Charities’ International Sustainability Unit

Étude de cas
Challenges for succession in family farming – Perspective and research question

Agriculture, particularly family farming, has had, and still has, an important role in many rural communities as a basis for economic activity, local social organization and as a lifestyle, although its economic role has declined over time. The development of agriculture has turned into an industry where profitability is linked...

Mountain Farming of Norway: Land use history and development of cultural landscapes

The total landscapes of Norway are dominated by mountains, forests, open heathlands and grasslands. Only about 3% of the land surface is suited for cultivation or arable farming. The land use patterns of uncultivated areas were therefore of great importance to traditional farming economy, and even today they have impact...

Document de conférence
Viable Small Scale Farming in Norway

Norway, on Europe’s northern fringe, is characterised by small-scale farming. The choice of crops and their yields are limited by the Nordic climate. Farm policies promote decentralisation and a varied farm structure in order to secure rural settlement, food security, food safety, environmental quality and sustainability. Agriculture receives substantial public...
2003 - Norwegian Agricultural Economics Research Institute

Summer mountain farming in Hallindal, Norway about 1960

This is a documentary from one of the last farms who practiced transhumance an pastoralism before the industrialization. After the 1960s most of the summer mountain farms delivered the milk to the factory for processing the milk. The film shows how the animals are brought ut to the summerfarm, milking, milk...
1960 - Norsk seterkultur
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