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National legislation

Regulation on Laboratory Analysis of Products of Plant Origin.

The Regulation sets provisions to control the quality of plant products in the country. The Regulation consists of 20 articles, divided into 7 Chapters: General Provisions (I); Authorities and Responsibilities (II); Sampling (III); Destruction of Spoiled Food (IV); Laboratory Fees (V); Miscellaneous Provisions (VI); Final Provisions...

Regulation of Salt Iodization

The Regulation of Salt Iodization aims to set provisions to promote salt iodization, improve public health, provide physical and mental development, provide proper nutrition, reduce malnutrition caused by lack of macronutrients, and improve the women and children’s health. The Regulation consists of 5 Chapters, which is...

Regulation on Breastfeeding Support

The Regulation on Breastfeeding Support aims to set provisions to improve physical and mental health of the mothers and infants, ensure the sufficient nutrition of infants through support of breastfeeding, and control the use of complementary food products. The Regulation consists of 5 Chapters, which is...

Food Safety Act

The Act aims to improve health protection, food security, life quality, and food safety in the country. The Act consists of 30 articles, divided into 6 Chapters; General Provisions (I); Duties on Food Security Control (II); Food Trade Conditions (III); Inspection (IV); Punishment (V); Miscellaneous...
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