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National legislation

Agricultural Marketing (Egg Control) (Amendment) Regulations, 2014 (L.N. No. 10 of 2014).

These Regulations amend the Agricultural Marketing (Egg Control) Regulations 1969 in regulation 2(2) by inserting a definition of "tray" (a pack of 30 eggs, together contained in one carrier specially designed to carry that number or a structure designed to contain or hold 30 eggs). The...

Lesotho Iodization Regulation, 1999 (L.N. No. 13 of 1999).

This Regulation of the Minister of Health requires a manufacturer shall ensure that- (a) food grade salt or other intended for human or animal consumption which is imported into Lesotho shall contain between 40 and 60 ppm (mg/kg) iodine and labeled "iodated salt"; (b) Iodated salt...

Milk Hygiene Regulations 1999.

These Regulations provide for the control on the manufacture and placing on the market of milk and other dairy products from cows, goats or sheep. A person who wishes to carry out business of milking, selling milk or providing it for human consumption shall apply for...

Local Government Act 1996 (No. 6 of 1997).

Every local authority shall, subject to the powers reserved to or vested in any other authority by this Act, or by any other written law, be the authority, within its administrative limits, charged with the regulation, control and administration of all matters as set out in...

Trading Enterprises Order 1993 (No. 11 of 1993).

This Order establishes the Trading Enterprises Board and provides for the licensing of businesses. In considering applications for trading licences, the Board shall take into account the merits of a particular applicant and national priorities and, among other things, environmental protection. The Order also provides for...

Agricultural Marketing (Distribution of Dairy Products) Regulations, 1992 (L.N. No. 241 of 1992).

These Regulations of the Minister of Agriculture, made under section 4 of the Agricultural Marketing Act, require a permit to be obtained from the Lesotho National Dairy Board for the dealing in, distributing, importing dairy products. No person shall export or remove...

Importation and Exportation of Livestock and Livestock Products Proclamation (Amendment) Act 1984 (No.21 of 1984).

This Proclamation amends the Importation and Exportation of Livestock and Livestock Products Proclamation 1952 by changing the definition of “livestock products”; by providing anew that no permit shall be granted for undesirable livestock products; and by adding a new provision that gives the principal Veterinary...

Public Health Regulations (No. 25 of 1973).

These Regulations, made under the Public Health Order, prohibit, among other things, the employment of persons suffering from a venereal disease, as defined in section 46 of the Order or any communicable disease mentioned in section 5(1) (a) of that Order in any dairy, cafe, restaurant,...

Abattoir Regulations 1972 (L.N. No.27 of 1972).

These Regulations concern slaughter houses established for the slaughtering of animals for human consumption. These regulations shall apply to the urban areas designated in Part I of the Schedule hereto, and to such other areas as the Minister may designate from time to time by notice...

Public Health Order (No. 12 of 1970).

The Order provides for the protection of public health and also concerns in some sections food hygiene and water protection and nuisances. It defines the functions of the functions of the Ministry of Health. It also defines what constitutes a nuisance and provides for corrective action...

Agricultural Marketing (Egg Control) Regulations 1969 (L.N. No. 35 of 1969).

These Regulations of the Minister of Agriculture, Co-operatives and Marketing made under section 4 of the Agricultural Marketing Act, stipulates that no person shall import eggs into Lesotho unless he or she is in possession of a and exportation permit issued by the Marketing officer...
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