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National legislation

Fisheries Management Regulations 2017 (L.N. No. 2 of 2017).

The Regulations establish standards for the use of port for purposes section 88 (1)(a) and section 89 (1) of the Act (port denial in case of suspected IUU fishing). Two designated ports for the transhipping and loading of fish are specified. A licensed fishing vessel upon...
Solomon Islands

Fisheries Management Act (No. 2 of 2015).

The Minister may, on the advice of the Director and in consultation with the Minister responsible for the environment, by Order in the Gazette, declare, as protected or endangered, any fish - (a) that are designated as protected or endangered under an international agreement; or (b)...
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Biosecurity Act, 2013 (No. 3 of 2013).

The Director must maintain a biosecurity register and other records needed for the administration of this Act and the performance of the biosecurity functions of the Government. As for biosecurity emergencies, they may be declared in respect of the whole of or that part of Solomon...
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Guadalcanal Province Fisheries Ordinance 2009 (L.N. No. 14 of 2011).

This Ordinance of the Guadalcanal Province regulates fisheries in freshwater, foreshore and marine areas of that province and provides with respect to some matters of wildlife protection. It provides with respect to a wide variety of matters including: research and development of marine resources; definition, verification...
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Pure Food (Food Control) Regulations 2010 (L.N. No. 154 of 2010).

These Regulations, made under the Pure Food Act, deal with a wide variety of matters relative to food quality and food hygiene. The matters regulated include: food importation and sale, packaging and labelling, compliance with standards of the Codex Alimentarius, food additives and foreign substances in...
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Honiara City Council (Markets) Ordinance 2009 (L.N. No. 15 of 2009).

This Ordinance of the Honiara City Council provides rules for city markets and food sold on such markets. The Council may conduct public markets on land owned or controlled by it. The market manager may issue directions for promoting, among other things, (a) the orderly functioning...
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Pure Food Act, 1996 (No. 4 of 1996).

Together with providing a list of interpretations, section 2 also defines the application sphere of the Act. The Minister may, by notice in the Gazette, appoint health inspectors and analysts for the purpose of this Act. The Head of The Environmental Health Department or Division (“Director”)...
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Environmental Health (Public Health Act) Regulations.

These Regulations made under the Public Health Act, but deemed to be made under the Environmental Health Act which repeals the Public Health Act, make provision with respect to food safety and hygiene, provision and protection of water supplies, sewerage and sanitation and the prevention of...
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1987 (2006)

Agriculture and Livestock. (Handling of Containers) Rules.

Containers shall be constructed of timber treated in accordance with the recommendations for permanent treatment issued by the Department of Health of the Commonwealth of Australia. The Rules prescribe norms for the cleanliness of (refrigerated) containers. Standards for the treatment of timber and the cleaning of...
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1978 (1996)

Customs and Excise Act Cap. 121 (No. 2 of 1960).

This Act sets forth provisions on duties, prohibitions, drawbacks and refunds of duty in Part II, arrival and report of aircraft and ships, landing of passengers and unloading, removal and delivery of goods in Part III, warehoused goods and goods deposited in a customs area in...
Solomon Islands
1960 (2003)

Customs and Excise Act Cap. 121 Customs Rules (Section 275).

The Customs Rules set forth specific provisions on arrival of aircraft and ships in Part III, entry, unloading and delivery of cargo in Part IV, goods imported as air cargo in Part V, customs area and transit sheds in Part VI, landing and loading of baggages...
Solomon Islands
1960 (2003)
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