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National legislation

Ministerial Order No. 80/87 approving the hygiene Regulation on food imports.

This Ministerial Order approves the hygiene Regulation on food imports. It consists of 5 chapters, regulating sanitary measures to be applied for food imports, divided as follows: Definition of food to be imported and involved items (Chap. 1); Composition and competencies of the sanitary authority entitled...

Ministerial Order No. 51/84 approving hygiene regulations for food handling establishments.

This Order provides definitions and a classification of food establishments. ...

Order No. 184/75 establishing copra oil as edible oil and defining its characteristics.

This Order establishes copra oil as edible oil and defines its characteristics, specifying that this oil may be used for human consumption. A list of quality standards and requirements to be satisfied is attached to the text. ...

Order No. 610/72 establishing wine quality standards.

This Order establishes wine quality standards, defining charateristics and requirements to be satisfied. It specifies quality standards, establishing maximum limits of additives to be permitted in wines, spirits or any beverages originating from an oenological practice. ...

Decree No. 176/70 regulating spirit production and trade into the Overseas Provinces.

This Decree regulates spirit production and trade within the Overseas Provinces. It consists of 10 articles and 1 annex specifying pre-requisite requirements and quality standards into the production and trade of spirits and alcoholic beverages for human consumption. It establishes a system of classification, and the...
Sao Tome and Principe

Order No. 23.964 defining sunflower seed oil as an edible oil and establishing quality standards.

This Order defines sunflower seed oil as an edible oil and establishes the requirements to be satisfied in order to place it on the market. It specifies characteristics and quality standards to be met by this oil (a list of these standards is attached to the...

Decree-Law No. 35.846 establishing the classification of wines.

This Decree-Law provides for the classification of different types of wine, defining their charateristics and requirements. It consists of 19 articles specifying the standards to be satisfied in order to be classified under a certain type of wine. It also establishes the maximum limits of additives...
1946 (1970)

Ministerial Order No. 100/87 approving the Regulation on food additives.

This Ministerial Order approves the Regulation on food additives in order to protect human health from toxicity. It consists of 4 chapters and 2 annexes divided as follows: Defining technical adjuvants and semi-treated food (Chap. 1); Requirements to be satisfied for imports, production, trade and use...
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