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National legislation

Meat Industries Act 1996.

This Act concerns the internal and international markets for the meat industry by providing for the wholesome processing of meat for human consumption. Other objectives of the Act are to ensure that pet meat produced for pet food or bait meat, is not substituted for meat...
Australia (Northern Territory)
1996 (2018)

National Food Authority Amendment Act 1995 (Act No. 152).

Amendments relative to cooperation in the field of food between Australia and New Zealand and the introduction of food standards which apply to both New Zealand and Australia. The National Food Authority is continued in existence as the Australia New Zealand Food Authority. The Council established...

Meat and Livestock Industry (Conditions of Export) Regulations.

These Regulations implement provisions of the Meat and Livestock Industry Act, 1995, which relate to the meat or livestock export business. The regulations carry, inter alia, the following titles: Meat unfit for human consumption (Reg. 4); Application for export licence (Reg. 5); Documents to accompany application...
1995 (1996)

Food (Administration) Regulations.

For the purposes of section 15(1) of the Act, the certificate of the analyst giving the results of the analysis of food submitted to him shall be in accordance with Form 1 (reg. 3). Regulation 4 makes provision with respect to sealing and marking of containers...
Australia (Northern Territory)
1995 (1997)

Veterinary Chemical Products (Excluded Stockfood Non-active Constituents) Order (S.R. No. 59 of 1995).

These Regulations list stockfood non-active constituents which are excluded from the class of stockfood non-active constituents declared to be veterinary chemical products for purposes of paragraph 8(1)(d) of the Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals Code Regulations. ...

Food Standards Australia New Zealand Regulations 1994.

These Regulations implement provisions of the Act with respect to the following matters: appropriate government agencies; application, modification and adaptation of Part 3 of the Food Standards Australia New Zealand Act 1991 (sect. 36 of the Act); disclosure of confidential commercial information; Board of Food Standards...
1994 (2019)

Dried Fruits Regulations 1993.

This Regulation implements the Dried Fruits Act 1993 by providing specifications on the registration of producers and packers (Part 2) and on general controls (Part 3). ...
Australia (South Australia)
1993 (1994)

Imported Food Control Regulations 1993.

These Regulations are made under the Imported Food Control Act 1992. Part 1 provides some useful definitions; Part 2 establishes when food is deemed to have been imported for private consumption and how a food certificate is obtained. Part 3 deals with the Food Inspection Scheme;...
1993 (2017)

Meat Industry Act 1993.

The Act establishes the Primesafe Authority to control and keep under review the standards of meat, poultry meat and game produced for consumption or sale within the State, and of the construction and hygiene of meat processing facilities and meat trasnport vehicles; to licence meat processing...
Australia (Victoria)
1993 (2014)

Dried Fruits Act 1993.

This Act concerns the dried fruit industry of South Australia. Under section 3, the object of the Act is to assist the dried fruits industry, in particular by (a) establishing a statutory corporation to oversee and assist the dried fruits industry; and (b) by registering producers...
Australia (South Australia)
1993 (2000)

Imported Food Control Act 1992.

This Act provides for the compliance of food imported into Australia with Australian food standards and the requirements of public health and safety. After giving definitions, the Act indicates when food poses a risk to human health. The reason for this is that a person must...
1992 (2016)

National Residue Survey (Consequential Provisions) Act 1992.

This Act concerns funding of the National Residue Survey Account by the Commonwealth. In relation with financial arrangements regarding the national survey of residues in food products the Cattle Transaction Levy Act 1990 and the Primary Industries Levies and Charges Collection Act 1991 are here amended....
1992 (2007)

National Residue Survey Administration Act 1992.

This Act concerns funding of a national survey of residues in food of "applicable products" including food. The 13 sections of this Act are divided into 5 Parts: Preliminary (1); Interpretation (2); National Residue Survey Account (3); National Residue Survey Levy (4); Miscellaneous (5). In the...
1992 (2016)

Food Standards Australia New Zealand Act 1991.

This Act continues in existence the National Food Authority as the Australia New Zealand Food Authority. The Authority is a body corporate with perpetual succession. The functions of the Authority include: (a) to prepare draft standards and draft variations of standards and to make recommendations to...
1991 (2018)

Agricultural Produce Commission Act 1988.

The Act prescribes preliminary requirements for the establishment of producer’s committees and defines their functions, which include: advertise and promote the agricultural produce; control or develop the means of controlling pests and diseases; conduct educational or instructional programmes relating to the production of agricultural produce; develop...
Australia (Western Australia)
1988 (2010)

Chemical Usage (Agricultural and Veterinary) Control Act 1988.

The Act consists of 45 sections divided into 4 Parts and one schedule. It provides for the appointment of standard officers (sect. 4) and of inspectors (sect. 5) and defines their functions and powers under the Act. The use of chemicals and substances having chemical residues...
Australia (Queensland)
1988 (2015)

Food Standards Regulations 1988.

The Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code within the meaning of the Australia New Zealand Food Authority Act 1991 of the Commonwealth is hereby adopted as law of the Territory and shall have effect as if its provisions were regulations incorporated in these Regulations. If there...
Australia (Northern Territory)
1988 (1997)

Marketing of Potatoes Regulations 1987.

The Regulations further provide: for powers of the Corporation to set grading and packaging standards; for commercial producers to furnish to the Corporation planting, harvesting and delivery notices; functions of Primary Potato Agents appointed by the Corporation; etc. ...
Australia (Western Australia)
1987 (2011)

Dairy Produce Regulations 1986.

These Regulations: (1) prohibit the export of butter, butteroil, cheese, casein, skim milk, powder, whole milk powder or buttermilk powder; (2) regulate the application for export licences under section 55(1) of the Act; (3) require persons who purchased relevant dairy produce or proprietors of factories at...
1986 (2016)

Meat Hygiene Act 1985.

The Act further provides for: record keeping of meat premises’ operations or pet food works; register of licences; powers of inspectors to condemn any animal or poultry as unfit for human consumption or for consumption by pets and to seize any meat, meat product or pet...
Australia (Tasmania)
1985 (2011)
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