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National legislation

Western Australian Meat Industry Authority Regulations 1985.

The Regulations provide for: powers and duties of inspectors; regulating the branding of carcasses of, or meat from, prescribed animals and declared animals; regulating the import and export of carcasses for human consumption; forms of applications for obtaining approval to operate or construct, or carry out...
Australia (Western Australia)
1985 (2014)

Meat Inspection (Modification) Regulations.

These Regulations make provision with respect to: application of section 29 of the Act in the Australian Capital Territory; application of provisions of the Act in the Northern Territory; duration of application in the Northern Territory; application of provisions of the Act in South Australia; application...
1984 (2007)

Meat Inspection (Orders) Regulations 1984.

The Minister may, by instrument in writing, make orders, not inconsistent with the Act or with regulations made under the Act, with respect to any matter for or in relation to which provision may be made by regulations made under the Act. Where an order that...
1984 (2007)

Food Act 1984.

The Act consists of 81 sections and is divided into 15 parts. Part I addresses preliminary matters, including definitions and application of the Act; Part IA contains administration and reporting provisions; Part II defines offences relating to food; Part III is dedicated to the cleanliness of...
Australia (Victoria)
1984 (2017)

Meat Inspection Act 1983.

Chapter 2 of the Criminal Code applies to all offences against this Act. ...
1983 (2007)

Export Control Act 1982.

Exportation of prescribed goods shall be subject to notification but exportation of such goods may be prohibited altogether. The Act also provides for the accreditation of veterinarians for purposes of approved export programs in relation to eligible live animals and other goods. ...
1982 (2016)

Australian Wine and Brandy Corporation Regulations 1981.

These Regulations provide rules relative to the trade in "grape products", i.e. wine and other alcoholic beverages and provide criteria for determining geographical indications for wine. Reference is made to the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code. The Regulations also concern licences to export grape products...
1981 (2007)

Australian Grape and Wine Authority Act 2013 (No. 161, 1980).

The Act is divided as follows: Preliminary (Part I); Australian Grape and Wine Authority (Part II); Australian Grape and Wine Authority Selection Committee (Part III); Annual general meeting of the grape industry and the wine industry (Part IV); Staff and consultants and Operation of Authority (Part...
1980 (2015)

Australian Wine and Brandy Corporation Act 1980.

The objects of this Act are: (a) to promote and control the export of grape products from Australia; (b) to improve the production of grape products, and encourage the consumption of grape products, in the Territories; and (c) to enable Australia to fulfil its obligations under...
1980 (2009)

Western Australian Meat Industry Authority Act 1976.

The Act further provides for: establishment of the Western Australian Meat Industry Account; prescription by the Minister of prescribed abattoirs and prescribed animals; duties of importers of carcasses and of declared animals; appointment and powers of inspectors; offences and penalties; etc. ...
Australia (Western Australia)
1976 (2011)

Meat Inspection Arrangements Act 1964.

The Commonwealth may enter into an arrangement with a State or with a State Meat Authority with respect to the inspection of meat for or on behalf of the State or the State Meat Authority, or under a State Act, by persons employed by the Commonwealth....
1964 (2007)

Food (Interim Provisions) Regulations.

These Regulations contain the text of the Food and Drugs Act. The Act makes provision with respect to the sale of food. The text is divided into 7 Chapters: Preliminary (I); Adulteration, labelling and false description of foods or drugs (II); Sale of foods and drugs...
Australia (Northern Territory)
1936 (1997)
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